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Graduate/SCPS Admission Evaluation System FAQs

Graduate/SCPS Admission Evaluation System Frequently Asked Questions

Trouble accessing the Graduate/SCPS Admission Evaluation System in SIS on your computer or iPad?
  • First, clear your browser cache (temporary Internet files).
  • Set your popup settings to accept Student Information System pages.
  • If you are logged in via VPN, please disconnect VPN. Some schools have varying VPN filters that may cause a problem with access.
  • If you have difficulty accessing the system using Internet Explorer (IE), please try another browser such as Firefox.
  • For Mac users, if you experience a blank PDF, install Adobe Reader. Some documents uploaded by applicants have fonts that Mac Preview does not display (see instructions for Installing Adobe Reader on a Mac below).
  • If you have tried all these suggestions and still have difficulty, please contact the UVa Help Desk or your Local Support Partner (LSP) at your school for additional help.
Instructions for installing Adobe Reader on a Mac

Adobe Reader is a free PDF reader available from Adobe at

  1. Go to and click the Adobe Reader link at the bottom right to download the installation package.
  2. Click the Download now box.
  3. Find the downloaded package and double-click on the package name. The usual location for downloaded items is the Downloads folder.
  4. A package file will appear in a new window. Double-click on the package file.
  5. Follow the instructions for installing Adobe Reader.
  6. Once installed, Adobe Reader will appear as an Application in the Applications folder:
  7. Double-click the Adobe Reader application to launch it the first time. Once launched it will ask if you want to use Adobe Reader as your default PDF viewer. Select Yes.

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