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The Student Information System

SIS Help for Faculty

How to Get Started in SIS

  1. To log in, start at the UVA home page (, click on SIS in the bottom footer list, 3rd column over. Then click the SIS Login button.
  2. Go to your Faculty Center page by clicking the Instructor tab as shown.

    SIS instructor tab

When to Use SIS vs. UVaCollab


Use UVaCollab to build your course site, email your class with an easy-to-remember alias, and record grades throughout the semester.


Use SIS to view your class lists, weekly teaching and exam schedules, watch your waitlist, release an advising hold, or grant permission to add and submit final grades.

What Goes Where

Feature SIS Faculty Center UVaCollab
View course syllabus ✔ if access is set in UVaCollab
View class lists
Email students in class
View weekly teaching & exam schedules ✔ if provided by instructor
Grant enrollment permissions (for instructor permission classes)  
Wait list functionality  
Submit final grades
Approve final grades (a required step in grade submission)  
Search the course catalog and schedule of classes  
Track test, assignment, exam grades, etc.  
View class photos
Release advising holds  
Email advisees  
View advisee schedule, schedule, transcript & grades  
View advisee academic requirements report  
View advisee directory bio / demographic information  

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