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Annual UVA Computing Account Password Reset

Change Your Password

In response to increasing cyber security threats, the University is requiring annual individual UVA computing account password resets. Changing any of your passwords regularly will help reduce the risk of your accounts being maliciously used by hackers.

You'll be receiving an email from ITS with instructions for password reset.

* This does NOT include Health System/Medical Center, Darden, or McIntire email services, or passwords for departmental or administrative systems.

What You'll Need

You will need the following:

  • Your password or a digital certificate that gets you through NetBadge
  • Your University ID # (located on your UVA ID card or, if you don't have a card, go to
  • Answers to one or more of your security questions

Before You Start...

Important note about changing your password if you have an Android device

These instructions apply to you if:

  • You are connecting to the ITS-provisioned Exchange service (Centralized Exchange Service).
  • You use any email/calendar tools to access that service from your Android devices other than the Microsoft Outlook mobile application.

For all applications other than the Microsoft Outlook mobile app, on all Android devices you use, remove your Eservices Exchange accounts from those applications. This usually means deleting the account from the application itself or from the device's ActiveSync configuration.

After completing the password change process you can add the account back to the applications.

Failure to do this may result in your Eservices account being locked for 15 minutes each time an application or background task tries to check for new Exchange updates.

For users already upgraded to the Office 365 Exchange system, the Microsoft Outlook Mobile application is the supported mobile email client.

I have all of the above and I'm ready to change my password. »

If you need help...

Can't remember your password? Don't know if you've set security questions? Answer the questions at Password Help to get directed to the proper help.

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