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WiFi at UVA

About the Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Why UVA Needs a Wireless Upgrade

  • The University’s current/legacy wireless infrastructure based on 10-year-old technology is insufficient for today's highly mobile University community with an increasing number of WiFi devices.
  • Wireless has become the primary means of network connectivity.

Benefits of the UVA WiFi Infrastructure Upgrade Project

Old UVA WiFi

  • Unable to support wireless as a primary means of connectivity (provided as a secondary, convenience network)
  • Limited network performance (speeds around 11–54 Mbps)
  • No defined usage standards, resulting in insufficient coverage
  • Wired ports provided virtually everywhere
  • Inability to adapt to interference or steer users to less crowded access points
  • End-of-life hardware and 10-year-old technology is difficult to maintain, troubleshoot, and operate

New UVA WiFi

  • Will support wireless as primary means of network connectivity; fewer wired ports
  • Next generation WiFi standard (speeds up to 600Mbps, or about 10x faster)
  • Better coverage with established usage standards
  • Changes to supported wireless standards
  • Dynamic coordination between access points enables maximum bandwidth utilization and distribution during crowding
  • New hardware enables centralized management and advanced troubleshooting

Phases of the UVA WiFi Upgrade Project

As part of the infrastructure upgrade process:

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