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WiFi at UVa

Experiencing Slow or No WiFi?

Troubleshooting Tips for Wireless Issues

Below are the most common reasons why you may be experiencing issues with UVa WiFi.

If the tips below don’t help, please report your issue to the Help Desk so we can investigate and get you back up & running ASAP!

UVa student on WiFi

Tip 1: What’s Your Location?

Tip 2: Is Your Device Slowing You Down?

  • Is your device able to take advantage of upgraded WiFi? Computers and devices with 802.11ac have faster WiFi. Older wireless standards are not recommended. Consider upgrading to a new device or try a USB wireless adapter (if possible).

    TIP: Before you buy a new device, check that it meets UVa’s recommended wireless standards. Beware: some manufacturers still sell new devices that use 10-year-old wireless technology!

  • Do you have the latest software and device drivers installed? Sometimes simply installing an update can improve your connection. Run your operating system and manufacturer updates.

Tip 3: What’s Going on Around You?

  • How heavy is the current WiFi load in your area? Of course streaming, uploading, and downloading are necessary, but many people doing bandwidth-intensive activities will slow WiFi for everyone nearby. Coverage is also designed for typical daily use, not unusually heavy usage like graduation on the Lawn or sporting events.
  • TIP: For best performance, avoid peak times and locations! For example, WiFi in Clemons Library during exam week is slower than at other places and times.

  • Is anything near you causing interference? WiFi in a University setting—with many different wireless devices in close proximity—is different than in a private home or office. Wireless printers, personal routers & access points, cordless landlines, and other devices can interfere with our networks and worsen WiFi for everyone nearby.

    TIP: Ensure you aren't inadvertently using a device that causes interference with UVa WiFi. And test your connection by moving to another location if possible!

Tip 4: Are You Sure It’s WiFi That’s the Problem?

  • Is the website you’re currently accessing slow? Try another site or task. If you have no problems, then the issue isn’t WiFi.
  • Is WiFi is enabled on your device? Sometimes it’s accidentally switched off, so double-check.
  • Could you have a malware infection? Run a quick scan to ensure that your device is not infected. You can download antivirus software for your computer at no cost if needed.

Still Having WiFi Issues? Let Us Know!

Is something else going on? While we do monitor our network performance, sometimes there are problems we cannot detect. So, please let us know if none of the above helped!

Contact the UVa Help Desk to make a report. Please share what tips you’ve tried so far to troubleshoot your issue. We’re happy to assist!

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