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WiFi at UVa

Wireless Infrastructure Upgrade Project: Process

Order of Building WiFi Upgrades

To deliver upgrade benefits as quickly as possible across the entire academic Grounds, the building WiFi upgrade schedule has been determined by group, based on:

  • Priority of known issues,
  • Retirement of oldest hardware, and
  • Efficiencies due to physical network groupings.

Optimized Upgrade Implementation Plan

Academic building upgrades have been planned into one of 3 upgrade plan types, based on current wireless conditions:

  • Immediate Wireless Redesign – Buildings with known significant wireless coverage issues.
  • Access Point (AP) Upgrade Only – Buildings with a known good wireless coverage that need new, higher performing AP equipment.
  • Future Wireless Optimization – Buildings with functional, but possibly non-optimal, coverage quality. AP equipment will be upgraded during the initial phase of this project; and optimization &/or redesign will be addressed once all academic AP upgrades are complete.

For each of these, decisions will be made based upon WiFi upgrade design considerations.

Departmental Engagement During the UVa WiFi Upgrade

Departmental contacts for the WiFi upgrade project have been established and specific areas of engagement have been pinpointed to facilitate effective and efficient communication. Specifically, ITS will:

  • Identify and engage key contacts for each building who have a unique knowledge of building wireless needs;
  • Review each building implementation plan at each building group’s kick-off event;
  • Seek to identify any issues with implementation plan that the project team might not be aware of (due 1 week post-kickoff);
  • Review input provided via a Web form for buildings that involve a redesign (due 2 weeks post-kickoff);
  • Invite key contacts to a building walk-through to discuss coverage needs; and
  • Evaluate exception requests as changes to the project that could impact schedule and/or costs; will require special review and approvals.

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