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WiFi at UVA

Frequently Asked Questions about UVA Wireless


Answers to FAQs about UVA Wireless

Getting Started with UVA WiFi

How do I access UVA WiFi?
Follow faculty, staff, & student cavalier WiFi instructions or UVA guest WiFi instructions.
What wireless networks are available at UVA?
UVA offers 3 publicly visible wireless networks: UVA also offers 2 hidden wireless networks for use in specific situations:
Why do I need a certificate to use UVA’s encrypted wireless networks?
The cavalier and jefferson wireless networks have been designed to protect the confidentiality of your data by using a high-quality encryption system, which requires a personal digital certificate for authentication. For more details, see wireless network security.
How fast are UVA’s wireless networks?

The system is based on the IEEE 802.11 a/g/n/ac Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN) standards. Wireless speeds up to 600 Mbps are available where 802.11 ac is available.

Is the University’s wireless network as reliable as its wired network?
The UVA wireless network is robust for personal computers and handheld devices, but is not designed to support running servers and some devices interfere with UVA WiFi. Just as mobile phones are occasionally less reliable than landline telephones, wireless connections are occasionally less reliable than wired Ethernet connections.

UVA Wireless Interference

What devices can interfere with my access to the UVA wireless network?
The wireless network at the University operates in the unlicensed 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands. It is best, therefore, to avoid other 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz equipment like
  • personal wireless access points & other WiFi devices which act as an access points:
    • wireless printers;
    • screen-sharing devices, which are prohibited except for the Wi510-EDU from Te AVIT, which allows screen-sharing without having to configure the device as a wireless access point (it plugs into the wired network and gets a wired IP address);
    • MiFi devices; and
    • wireless projectors.
    (We recommend you use a hardwired Ethernet connection for these instead).
  • Plus, other devices also interfere, such as: (We recommend you purchase DECT, 900 MHz, or 5.8GHz devices instead.)
Does Bluetooth interfere with the UVA wireless network?
No, the use of Bluetooth devices is permitted and should not cause any significant problems for wireless.
What do I do if I suspect my access to wireless is being impacted by another device?
When notified of interfering wireless devices, ITS will follow the guidelines in the UVA Wireless Airspace policy.
Can I set up my own wireless access point on Grounds?
No. ITS will not approve any personal wireless access points or base stations set up in an area where we provide University WiFi coverage. These devices interfere with our official UVA wireless access points, introducing more problems than they solve. If you think your area lacks sufficient wireless coverage, see Request Wireless Coverage in Your Area.

UVA WiFi Network Availability

Where on Grounds are the wireless networks available?
All 4 of the UVA wireless networks discussed above are available throughout Grounds, as listed in the wireless coverage across Grounds. (This excludes Hospital/Medical Center wireless networks.) The jefferson network is not available in the residence halls.
What about outdoor wireless coverage?
Wireless coverage is available on the Lawn, in the Amphitheater, and in outdoor areas around Newcomb Hall. Coverage is designed for general use and capacity may be exceeded during special events such as graduation.
Can I connect to the More Secure Network wirelessly?
Yes, the jefferson wireless network may be used by faculty & staff only to access the More Secure Network.
What IP address ranges are used for the wireless network?
View the IP address ranges currently in use at UVA.

UVA Wireless Troubleshooting

When I try to connect to cavalier wireless network, I get an error message. What’s wrong?
Try re-running the UVA Network Setup Tool (NST) to correct this issue; see also NST Troubleshooting. If you still have problems, contact the UVA Help Desk.
I cannot successfully connect to cavalier. Is there any other way to get UVA WiFi?
Try following instructions for older/unsupported devices to connect to wahoo or contact the UVA Help Desk for assistance.
My wireless connection seems slow. Why and what can I do?
In general, your wireless signal strength can be affected by:
  • how far away you are from the nearest wireless access point,
  • the number of others connecting to wireless around you, and
  • your proximity to any interfering devices.
These conditions can obviously change over time, so a strong signal and fast connection one day may not guarantee the same experience the next. If you are experiencing a slow connection, you may want to try:
  • connecting wirelessly from a different location nearby;
  • checking to ensure you are using a supported wireless card;
  • updating your computer’s wireless device drivers; and/or
  • using a “wired” Ethernet connection instead.
Please report problems to the UVA Help Desk so we can track areas which may need enhanced coverage in the future.
How should wireless be set up on a computer that is shared by several users?

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