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WiFi at UVA

Connect an iOS Device to the eduroam Wireless Network

Before You Configure for eduroam WiFi...

Requirements to Connect

Connect iOS to eduroam WiFi

Configure your device to access the eduroam network:

  1. From the Home screen of your device, tap Settings, then Wi-Fi, then Other.
  2. In Name field, type eduroam.
  3. From the Security field, select WPA2 Enterprise.
  4. Leave Username and Password field empty.
  5. From the Mode field select EAP-TLS.
  6. Leave Username field empty.
  7. From the Identity field, select the personal certificate labeled with your name (i.e., John Smith) with the highest number next to it.
  8. Select Join on the screen.
  9. Select Trust if you receive a message stating: Issued by UVA Standard Assurance USHER SDP 1 Not Trusted.

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