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WiFi at UVA


UVA is participating in eduroam, which is used by many educational institutions as a secure way to offer WiFi to campus visitors from other participating institutions.
UVA's participation enables UVA faculty, researchers, and study-abroad students to have access to eduroam's tens of thousands of "hotspots" in over 70 countries as travelers.

How does eduroam work?

Once you have set up your WiFi device for eduroam, you have the ability to connect to any eduroam WiFi network on any campus where the service is offered.

Can I use eduroam at UVA?

Yes. However, since eduroam is currently intended for guests, ITS recommends that UVA employees and students continue to use our existing wireless networks (e.g., cavalier) while on UVA Grounds.

How do I configure my device for eduroam?

You can configure your device for eduroam by following these instructions:

After configuring your computer to use eduroam, you can use eduroam at participating universities in the U.S. and overseas before UVA deploys the SSID on Grounds.

Do NOT use the eduroam Configuration Assistant Tool (CAT) on the eduroam website. Use the UVA/ITS-specific configuration instructions above.

Once you've completed the configuration, you can use eduroam on any campus which offers it:

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