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WiFi at UVA

Questions about Wireless Coverage in Your Area?

  • Check the WiFi tips page for potential issues with your device
  • Contact the UVA Help Desk to report outages or coverage issues

Request Special Use WiFi Coverage (per AP Funding Model) In Your Area

Why Personal Access Points Are Not Allowed at UVA

Security & Responsible Use Concerns

Departments and individual users may not install wireless access points at UVA. Here’s why:

  • Consumer access points are insecure and can be problematic in their factory default configurations. When configured improperly, these APs interfere with the DHCP function of the University network and can otherwise interfere with network service to anyone else in the University community.
  • It is hard to restrict who has access to personal wireless access points: the use of access points by non-UVA users is forbidden and must be prevented in order to safeguard the University’s restricted resources.
  • Personal access point owners are responsible for all users of their access point—this includes any security or usage problem.
  • Wireless access points are vulnerable to identity theft. Access points configured without proper encryption could allow for the theft of unencrypted information including passwords, which would allow access to email accounts and other personal information.

For more information about disallowed devices, see the FAQ, What devices can interfere with my access to the UVA wireless network?

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