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New Student Website Provisioning

"Sample" Web Pages Created for All New Students

If you are a new student at the University of Virginia, a sample Web page has already been created for you. You may view your sample Web page at[your computing ID]

For instance, if your computing ID is mst3k, your Web page is viewable at

You can make changes to the appearance of your website by modifying the home.html file, which is stored in the public_html directory under the Home Directory Service. You can create more files and add them to the site as well, linking them into your home page or accessing the URLs directly from a browser.

Example: If user mst3k created a file called "aboutme.html" and placed it in the /home/mst3k/public_html directory, the URL for the file would be:

More about how to access your files

Student websites, like other personal websites at UVa, are hosted on of the ITS Home Directory Service. The most efficient way to access your files depends on your operating system.

  • Windows: map a drive to the Home Directory Service. The proper address would be \\\your_userid. The Home Directory service uses Eservices credentials for access. (Manage your Eservices account.)
    For more information about mapping a drive go to
  • Mac: smb:// as the path. This gets entered in the Go > Connect To Server window in the Finder.

If mapping a drive to your machine does not work, you may find the HDS Web interface to be the solution you need.

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