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Getting and Maintaining a MySQL Account

The free MySQL accounts covered in this page are a legacy service of ITS. Due to unavoidable obsolescence and a lack of upgradeability, we no longer recommend use of MySQL accounts on for most applications.

For information about more robust ITS hosting options, including hosted MySQL and MSSQL databases, please visit our Hosting site, or contact us directly.

Creating an Account

Accounts on the MySQL server,, are available to all faculty, staff, and students at the University. You can create one yourself, using the MySQL self-service account request page.

Accounts are available to groups as well as individuals. In order to create a group account, you will need first to create a MyGroups group.

Note that you must not use the same password for your MySQL account that you use for your UVA email account! Your MySQL password is more vulnerable to detection by third parties than passwords on some other secure UVA systems. You should not jeopardize a password you use on one of those secure systems.

Changing Your Password

You can change your MySQL password on the MySQL service. Simply enter your identifying information, type in your new password, and re-type it to make sure there were no typographical errors. As the verification page warns, do not use a sensitive password you are already using for some other account!

Determining Your Account Quota

To find out the size of your MySQL account quota, as well as the sizes of all databases you own, select Check Quotas from the MySQL home page. If you need to request an increase in the size of your quota, phone Access Management (Accounts) at 243-6610, or email them.

Backing Up and Restoring Your Data

ITS maintains incremental and full backups of MySQL databases. For help in restoring backed-up data, please phone the UVA Help Desk at 4-HELP (434-924-4357), or email them.

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