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To help ease access to the important academic work of University faculty, ITS has made available a special type of URL (Web address) and, if needed, special website space for faculty use. The server is intended for the academic activities of faculty and, in special circumstances, graduate students whose academic projects are endorsed by faculty. The site is a place for posting publications, class projects, and curriculum or course details. Anything related to instruction or research may be placed on The information is of a more permanent nature than that accommodated by UVaCollab.

Some of the following instructions assume a working knowledge of website creation at UVA.

Features and Provisions of

  • Our intention is to maintain URLs on (essentially) forever. Should you move to another institution, ITS will do what is called a “redirect” to make your URL go to your new website.
  • You can choose the last portion of your URL, and the first part ( is easy to remember—so you essentially get a short, memorable address of your choosing.
  • Personal pages can and should be separate from academic pages. Please maintain personal pages on your account at
  • You will use the Home Directory Service to access files at
  • You, the requesting faculty member, are responsible for making sure that the contents of your site adhere to responsible computing guidelines established by ITS and the University.

How to Apply for a Site

  • Space must be requested by a faculty member. Any request on behalf of a graduate student must come from an endorsing faculty member.
  • The requesting faculty member must supply an identifying name for website, which will be used in the URL. Below are some requirements, and a few suggestions.

Your Site Name/URL

The Web address of your site is called a URL. You will choose part of that URL. For example, if you chose “projectname”, your URL would be If you chose “lastname”, your URL would be

Following are the requirements with regard to valid site names.

  • The name must be 4 or more characters, and at least the first 4 characters must be alphabetic.
  • It must contain only letters, digits, underscore, or the hyphen. Some characters are impossible for various systems to process and will not be created.
  • The name cannot have the form of a UVA permanent computing ID—e.g., “abc2a,” “abc2ab”
  • There is no restriction on maximum length, but remember that a longer name may be harder to remember, and harder to spell.
  • Embedded spaces are not allowed.
  • We will not assign a name that is a UVA registered email address.
  • The name is meant to be specific to your site, so it should avoid being too broad. It cannot be a word or phrase that has meaning to multiple departments or other units within the University, such as “programdesign”
  • You may not choose the name of a class of computer workstations.
  • You can only choose a course name if you are in charge of the course.
  • Do not choose the name of what might be a real person (e.g. “Bill” or “Bill_Smith”), unless it is your name.
  • Do not choose the name of a commercial organization or civic group.
  • Names are assigned on a first-requested, first-assigned basis.
  • ITS reserves the right to refuse names for reasons other than those enumerated here.

Use and Maintenance of Your Site

These instructions assume you have a working knowledge of website creation at UVA.

  • If more than one person will be working in the site:
    • when you first set up the site specify a MyGroups group containing all of the people who will have permission to edit the site on the request. Access to modify the site is limited to members of the group who use their own userids and passwords to access the server hosting the files. Once a group has been established, the group owner may request the addition/removal of group members by using the MyGroups Management Service.
    • if your site was not set up with a MyGroups group for access control, please contact the UVA Help Desk for help to add/remove permissions for site maintainers.
  • Accessing your site and files: sites are hosted on of the ITS Home Directory Service.
    The most efficient way to access the files depends on your operating system:
    • Windows: map a drive to the Home Directory Service share. The proper address for the share would be \\\WebHosts\\doc\lastname or projectname. (If you cannot find your faculty website under a URL ending with your last name or your project name, please contact the UVA Help Desk.) The Home Directory service uses Eservices credentials for access.
      For more information about mapping a drive go to .
    • Mac: smb:// or projectname as the path. This gets entered in the Go > Connect To Server window in the Finder.
    • If mapping the share to your machine does not work, you may find the HDS Web interface to be the solution you need.
    • If you need help determining the path for your site, please contact the UVA Help Desk.

Online Application

Complete the online Application for a Faculty Website. Note: You must have an Eservices account. If you don't have one already, you can learn how to get one on the ITS Accounts page.

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