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This series of topics is an overview of the major issues to consider when evaluating videoconferencing.

The use of video is being hailed as the next advance in electronic communication. Many companies are developing systems to support such concepts as virtual teams, telecommuting, and remote conferencing. Someone who is considering use of this technology faces a confusing array of products and terminology. Issues that must be considered include the scale of the activity, the choice of transmission medium, and appropriate choice of a system to support the planned activity.

Two sets of related technologies will be considered in this paper. The first is video conferencing systems. The second is desktop collaboration tools. Desktop collaboration tools are often included in desktop video conferencing systems. The video systems have stimulated the development of collaboration tools because they are natural adjuncts in remote conferencing.

This paper is intended to provide an overview of the current state of video conferencing technology and associated software. Individuals and workgroup managers who are considering how remote collaboration among colleagues and team members may be facilitated should be able to gain a foundation for their decisions

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