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VCON Configuration Caveat

This explains "Enable DNS Addressing" in the VCON configuration. It applies only to VCON.

Graphic" VCON Advanced Communication Properties

If you use an IP address as the dial string for the remote endpoint, you must have "Enable DNS Addressing" checked. (Open Properties, select Communication, then click Advanced to get to the checkbox).

The abbreviation DNS stands for Domain Name Service, and strictly speaking means the mapping of names to IP addresses. For instance, is a DNS name, while is the IP address. In VCON's world, however, this means the ability to use IP addresses for dialing. If you try to use an actual name as the dialing address, a bug seems to be triggered -- the application starts "ringing" without actually reaching the other endpoint, and the only way to stop it is to exit the application.

If you only use IP addresses for other endpoints, just leave this box checked.

If you register the VCON device with a gatekeeper, then you want to UNCHECK this box so that you can use videoconference numbers or MCU numbers as dialing strings. If you want to dial the occasional IP address, you need to return to this property and check the box. Click APPLY -- there is no need to exit and restart the application. After the call, just return to the property and uncheck it again.

This feature is peculiar to VCON, and is something that may change in a future version.

Page Updated: 2012-02-16