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Despite planning ahead to provide electronic versions of print media, it may be impractical to retype or scan a document. A newspaper clipping may be found on the way to a meeting or class, for instance.

If the videoconferencing site has a document camera this may be used. The input is "camera 2" on both the Polycom Viewstation (appliance) and the VCON Escort (PC-based client). Lack of inputs on smaller systems like the Vigo or ViaVideo, or on NetMeeting clients, will not allow this.

A document camera may be called an "Elmo" which is the name of a popular brand. Other companies make document cameras, and they are available with a wide range of features. The lowest cost ones will have a small camera on a stand under which one places a flat document. The higher-priced ones will have an adjustable arm for the camera, lights, and a flat bed for the item. Moderately 3-D items can be imaged as well as flat documents.

Graphic: Document Camera

Elmo Document Camera

Document cameras are connected and used similarly to VCR/DVD players, but are considerably simpler to set up and use since there is no audio component. In most cases, a NetMeeting client will not be able to use a document camera, but NetMeeting does have a way to switch camera inputs. It may be possible to connect a USB document camera and switch to that input during a videoconference, but that configuration has not been tested here.

Origin: PC-based Client Origin: Appliance Origin: Netmeeting
Destination: PC-based Client Switch to Camera 2 Switch to Camera 2 *May* be possible
Destination: Appliance Switch to Camera 2 Switch to Camera 2 *May* be possible
Destination: Netmeeting Switch to Camera 2 Switch to Camera 2 *May* be possible

Page Updated: 2012-02-16