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The full Polycom User Manual is a PDF file provided by Polycom. Sometimes, however, you just need to know whether a feature is available on the menu interface. This page will list what you can find on the Polycom menus. If you need more information about a particular feature, please check the official manual.

When viewing the main screen of the Polycom, click on the System Info icon. The following information is available on this screen:

  • System Name
  • Video Numbers
  • Phone Number
  • LAN Host Name
  • IP Address
  • Software Version
  • Serial Number
  • Model

There are also three menus available:

Most users will not need to make any changes to the Polycom setup. However, there may be instances where some part of the configuration needs a different value.

  • Network Statistics
  • Advanced Statistics
  • Call Status
  • Color Bar
  • Audio
  • Near End Loop
  • Reset System (leave this for the administrator!)
User Setup
Feature UVa Setting
Auto Answer Checked
Mute Auto Answer Calls Blank
PIP (picture-in-picture display) ON
Far Control of Near Camera (if installed) Checked
Backlight Compensation (a simple camera lighting adjustment) Checked
Allow Remote Monitoring Blank
Meeting Password Blank
Far Site Name Display Time Blank
Admin Setup
There is a password on this section. If you believe you need access to an ITS Polycom Admin menu, contact the administrator. Instructions on how to enter a password are at the end of this section. There are enough adjustments in this area that a series of submenus is used.
Feature UVa Setting
Language English (US)
Country United States
System Name (descriptive)
Auto Answer Point to Point Checked
Allow Dialing Checked
Allow User Setup Checked
Allow Address Book Changes Checked
Display MyIP Checked
Keypad Audio Confirmation Blank
Maximum Time in a Call 480
Video Network
Feature UVa Setting
Dialing Speeds (menu of 26 bandwidths from 56K to 768K) Selected: 128, 256, 384, 768
Call Preference LAN/Internet (H.323)
Feature UVa Setting
LAN/Intranet LAN & Internet Host Name (descriptive)
WINS Resolution Checked
DHCP Client
IP Address Information
DNS Servers Information
Default Gateway Information
Subnet Mask Information
WINS Server Information
Firewall/LAN Use Fixed Ports Blank
System behind NAT Blank
Auto Discover NAT Blank
NAT Outside address Blank
H.323 Setup H.323 Name Descriptive
H.323 Extension

Video Address

Allow H.323 Dialing Blank
Display IP Dialing Extension Blank
Dialing Speeds Same as Video Network Dialing Speeds
Gateway & Gatekeeper H.323 Name Descriptive
H.323 Extension Video Address
Use Gatekeeper Check "Specify"
Gatekeeper IP Address
Gateway Number Direct Inward Dial (all others blank)
Gateway Setup All blank
SNMP Enable SNMP Checked
Admin Contact Name itc-videoconf
SNMP Console IP Address
Location Name Itc Loan2
Community Name Public
System Description Videoconf Device
Global Addresses All blanks (unused)
Global Management Setup Allow Remote Monitoring Blank
Time difference from GMT -05:00
Daylight Savings Time Checked
Require Account Number to Dial Unchecked
Server URLs All Blank
Info 1 All Blank
QOS (unused) Doesn't matter
Data Conference
Choices: Netmeeting (selected), Default T.120, Off
Feature UVa Setting
Country Code 1
Area Code 434
Room Phone Number 924-0623
VCR Installed Blank

Mute Auto Answer Call

Sound Effects Volume 6 (use volume control to change)
Optimize (G728; G722) Video
Feature UVa Setting
Monitors Display Icons in a Call Checked
Snapshot Timeout Checked
Number of Monitors 1 (Selected)
Cameras Far Control of Near Camera Checked
Backlight Compensation Checked
Snapshot Camera (1 or 2) 1
Camera Direction (Normal vs Reversed) Normal
Primary Camera (1 or 2) 1
Camera 2 Input S-Video (info)
Feature UVa Setting
Software System Serial Number Information
BOOTUI Number Information
Software Version Information
Hardware System Serial Number


FPGA Version Information
Network Interface Type Information
Video Comm Interface Information
Camera Information
MIC 1 Version Information
MAC Address Information

Entering a password

A dialog box is displayed when Admin Setup is chosen. The entry space is selected (shown with a yellow outline). Press the center "dot" on the remote to bring up a screen keyboard.

Admin Setup Dialog Box

Note the upper/lower case key on the bottom row. When clicked it will toggle among three settings: upper case, locked upper case, and lower case. By default upper case is selected. Password characters are case sensitive.

If you make a mistake, use the key on the bottom row marked with a left-pointing arrow.

When finished typing, select the Enter key at bottom right. The keyboard will disappear. Then move the cursor onto the "OK" icon and select it.

Keyboard display

In the event that you need additional technical assistance or product support, please contact ITS.

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