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Videoconferencing at UVa

Macintosh and Linux


Most videoconference products are Windows-based. Macintosh users have had access to products which will not interoperate with H.323 (thus remaining isolated from many video conference users) but now a new free application is available. There is an application for Linux, but it is comparable to the old Windows NetMeeting application, a very low-level client.


The open source application XMeeting for the Macintosh is H.323-compliant.


An option for Linux that allows audio/video connections with Netmeeting-level users has been made available. This is GnomeMeeting. Note that this is not comparable to desktop midlevel videoconferencing tools likePolycom PVX or Vigo for Windows. It is still lower-level quality and low frame rate. It also does not offer a T.120 component (application sharing). It is not (yet) a simple installation, either. It requires some serious commitment to and familiarity with the Linux operating system.

Page Updated: 2012-02-16