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Videoconferencing at UVa

Group Videoconferencing

Although dedicated videoconference systems are produced, these are often very costly. The focus of this page is on less-costly solutions targeted for use by groups in project meetings, staff meetings, and small seminars.

Getting Started

Group videoconferencing is usually defined as when a small number of participants use a facility such as a conference room or small classroom to interact with another site. Equipment usually includes a display that can accommodate several viewers and a microphone/speaker solution adequate for the small group. The group videoconference can be more formal than desktop videoconferecing, so ettiquette and dress tips are appropriate. Finally, these sorts of meetings often require sharing of materials or graphic presentations. If any assistance is needed in arranging a videoconference, please contact ITS.

Firewalls vs Videoconferencing

A personal firewall on your computer is problematic, but can be easily turned on and off to allow videoconferencing. This guide presents troubleshooting methods and advice.

Developing a Facility

One early group videoconference solution was an implementation for the ITS conference rooms. Although different, newer solutions exist, this description illustrates the range of elements that must be considered when designing a small videoconference facility, such as a department conference room. Please contact ITS if assistance is needed choosing products or when designing a facility.

Page Updated: 2018-02-12