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Videoconferencing at UVa

Use of the Codian MCU Web Interface

Stream Videoconferences

One may view a streamed videoconference using either a Windows Media Player or QuickTime browser plug-in. A savvy videoconference coordinator will make sure ahead of time that each expected viewing-only site has a properly installed browser viewer, the appropriate codec, and knows the Conference ID of the videoconference.

Specify the Conference ID and select either the WMP or QT viewer

To view a streamed videoconference: Connect to the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) from a web browser. A sign-in name is not usually required to just view a streamed videoconference. The numeric ID (not text) is necessary; a PIN is only needed if the conference has been configured to require one. Choose between the Windows Media Player (WMP) and the QuickTime (QT) player. Then click the Stream this conference button.

Stream with Windows Media Player

The QuickTime Player seems to work without issues. The Windows Media Player may have issues.

Issue 1: You may need to load the software codec for WMP. There is a Click here in the lower left corner under the WMP viewer. This will download the codec from the MCU.

Installation feedback for WMP codec

Install the downloaded file. The web browser will need to be restarted, and the installation takes a few minutes. Do this step before the conference starts because it is not fast.

Web page with official Firefox plug-in to fix WMP error

Issue 2: If Mozilla Firefox is used to display WMP 10, a known bug will cause the player to use a widescreen format when it is not appropriate. An official fix is available. Or upgrade to WMP 11, which does not have this problem.

Use the WMP Zoom feature to adjust the video display size

Issue 3: The size of the image relative to the player window may be small. Right-click on the player window, choose Zoom from the menu, and select 200%.

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