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Web Interface Accounts for the Codian MCU

The Web interface for the Codian Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) provides many options; two common ones are inviting a remote site to a conference and viewing a streamed conference. A special Web interface account allows you, among other things, to bring a site into a conference which cannot accomplish this with its own interface. However, most participants in a multipoint videoconference will not need to access the Web interface.

The main type of participant account is conference administrator. If the conference “owner” wishes to be able to specifically control the screen layout of remote sites, assign speaker “importance”, mute/unmute specific sites, dial from the MCU to a specific site, etc., an account can be created that will allow this control. Contact ITS to set up this account.

Codian interface screen

Connect to the MCU from your browser. To access a special account, select Click here to log in. To view a streamed conference, see Streaming Video.

Web interface choices after logging in

After logging in, 3 options are presented. Select View and configure conferences.

List of conferences that may be controlled

A full conference list is displayed. The Watch link will present the streaming option. Select the conference name to display the control page.

Control options including Add Participant

The control page has 5 tabs of operations available. See the full Codian User Guide for extensive explanations. To invite a site (especially an endpoint without FAR camera control ability) choose the Add participant tab.

Inviting a remote site
The Add participant page has many features, but for most conferences the defaults are appropriate. Enter the Address as an IP or a GDS address. Then select Call endpoint at the bottom of the section.
Addition of invited site to participant list
When the remote site answers the call, a line is added to the control page for that participant. If no line is added, the call failed. A telephone call or computer chat session is handy for communicating with a remote site that fails to be added.

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