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Videoconferencing at UVa

Use of the Polycom Viewstation Endpoint with the Codian MCU

Polycom Viewstation Use

These instructions should be applicable to most Polycom models since they all use similar software.

Polycom Viewstation home screen

Select Video Call on the home screen.

Enter IP of MCU

Rather than “dial” another endpoint, call the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU). Enter the IP address using the remote control. The bandwidth can be selected using the middle button in the row below.

Green Call button on remote control

Then press the Call button (green) on the remote.

MCU's list of conferences

After the Connecting screen, the conference list is displayed.

FAR camera control button on remote control

Navigate the conference list by using the FAR camera control on the remote.

Use UP/DOWN to navigate; RIGHT to select
Move the cursor with the up and down arrow buttons on the remote control. Select the indicated conference by using the right arrow button.
Codian participants screen in typical layout
A window with the video from all existing conference participants is shown, and an auto-attendant's voice welcomes you to the conference. Use the same FAR camera controls to toggle among the layout choices.

Notes: PIP goes away after the remote is put down (there are sensors on the back).
The FAR control times out after a few seconds; an icon on the screen is shown while it is active.

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