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Videoconferencing at UVa

Use of Older Endpoints with the Codian MCU

Older videoconference endpoints such as the VCON Escort may not have a FAR camera control capability. There are two methods available for bringing these systems into a multipoint videoconference. These methods may be used for any endpoint, not just older ones. The conference coordinator may negotiate with each remote site to determine what style of connection will be used:

  1. Direct Dial
    The endpoint must be registered to a GDS-enabled gatekeeper. Many sites connected to Internet2 around the world have them. The UVa gatekeeper is GDS-enabled. By default, when a videoconference is created its identifying number is registered on the UVa gatekeeper. Any GDS-connected endpoint may then use the dialing string 001179<insert conference ID> to access the multipoint conference.
  2. Invitation
    A conference administrator may “dial” the endpoint from the Multipoint Control Unit (MCU) rather than expect the endpoint to make the connection. See the Web Interface: Accounts webpage for details.

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