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Videoconferencing at UVa

Use of the Polycom PVX Endpoint with the Codian MCU

Polycom PVX Endpoint Use

Call the MCU

Rather than “dial” another endpoint, call the MCU. Use either the name of the MCU or the IP address. Then click on the Call icon.

MCU screen with list of conferences

Your endpoint will connect to the MCU. A list of existing conferences and an option to create a new conference is shown.

Location of FAR camera control

The FAR camera control must be used to navigate the list. Click the Controls icon at the lower right.

Using FAR camera control to navigate the MCU's list

The buttons that would be used to shift a remote camera up and down are used to move the cursor up and down the Codian's list of conferences.

Select the indicated conference or option with the right arrow button.

Codian participants screen in typical layout
A window with the video from all existing conference participants is shown, and an auto-attendant's voice welcomes you to the conference. If you are the first participant, your video will be shown in the primary (usually larger) position. Use the same FAR camera controls to toggle among the layout choices.

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