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Videoconferencing at UVa

Use of the Codian MCU

Basic Access Instructions

The following are general instructions for connecting a videoconference endpoint (client) to a multipoint conference (3 or more sites). Links to instructions for specific endpoints follow. If an endpoint (usually older) does not have a FAR camera control, an operator account can be established so that the client can be contacted by the Codian MCU.


Initial MCU screen showing list of conferences
Rather than “dial” another endpoint, call the MCU. Use either the name of the MCU or the IP address. A list of existing conferences will be displayed.
Codian screen shown during connection to a conference
Use the FAR camera controls to navigate and select from the list.
Codian participants screen in typical layout
Then use the FAR camera controls to toggle among display views until you reach the one you prefer. In the default configuration each site can use a different view.

Server Connection:

MCU DNS (Name) MCU IP Address

Instructions for Specific Endpoints:

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