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Videoconferencing at UVa

Arranging a Videoconference

This is a checklist of information that must be considered when setting up a videoconference.

Network Protocol

Find out whether the site with which you want to videoconference uses the H.323 or H.320 protocol. This is a crucial element that will determine whether the videoconference is possible at all. The technical contact at the remote site will be able to provide this information.

  • H.323: Internet-based, supported by ITS.
  • H.320: ISDN-based. Not supported by ITS. Services may be available for a fee from the School of Continuing and Professional Studies (SCPS).

Size of Your Group

This will determine what sort of client and facility is needed.

Number of Sites

  • Point-to-point: just your site and the remote site. No special infrastructure is needed.
  • Multipoint: with three or more sites, use of an MCU is required. This may be provided by any one of the participating sites. Different MCUs may provide different capabilities.

Accompanying Presentations

  • Use of H.239 protocol (a second video stream; also called "dual video") requires the feature be present in all endpoints and (if used) MCU support; extra display equipment such as an XGA monitor may be needed.
  • Use of T.120 tools may be endpoint-dependent, and pertains mainly to PC-based applications.
  • Use of an embedded slide presentation often depends on the endpoint, such as a Polycom Viewstation.


  • Desktop videoconferencing can be used on any computer with the addition of inexpensive hardware and software, provided that the computer's individual firewall is disabled, and the network connection is not limited by a hardware firewall.
  • Some departments have equipped a conference room with necessary hardware.
  • A small number of classrooms are equipped with videoconference capability. Arranging to use a classroom for a single time/date can be difficult, since these rooms are typically scheduled for weekly classes during a semester. (contact Classrooms or SCPS)

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