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Videoconferencing at UVa

Site Overview

Videoconferencing involves new and rapidly evolving technologies. This section of ITSWeb will provide information about this network resource. New items will be added and information updated regularly.

Videoconferencing Overview
The protocols and concepts used in videoconferencing, and how different issues affect use of these resources.
Making Arrangements
A list of basic topics to cover when making arrangements with other sites for a videoconference, and links to more information on the topics.
Desktop Videoconferencing
How to set up and use Internet-based videoconferencing from an office.
Group Videoconferencing
Endpoints, services and issues when videoconferencing in small groups in a common office or from a conference room.
Broadcast Quality
IP-based motion JPEG or MPEG-2 are recommended, but this website does not address this level of use. If you need assistance in this area, please contact ITS for referral suggestions.
MCU and Gatekeeper Services
MCU services can be used by any videoconference user to enable multi-site sessions. The gatekeeper allows use of the Global Dialing Scheme (GDS). These centralized services are maintained by ITS for use by the UVa community.
Sharing Materials
This collection of Web pages has information on incorporating many types of traditional teaching and presentation materials into a videoconference. There is also a webpage which explains the newer H.239 presentation channel.
Problems with firewalls and videoconferencing; also video compression (blank screen at one site).
Network Registration
What sort of videoconferencing endpoints need to be registered on the network, symptoms that an endpoint is not registered, and how to do it.
School of Continuing and Professional Studies
SCPS offers for-fee videoconference facilities to the UVa community. It is not affiliated with ITS, but we work together to match resources with needs.

Page Updated: 2012-02-16