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Managing Your Voicemail Messages Via the

UVa Telephone System Portal

Voicemail Message Management

The UVa Telephone System Portal Voice Management features allow you to specify how to handle your messages.

  • Use your phone to retrieve voicemail messages.
  • Send your voicemail messages to your email and not the phone.
  • Carbon copy your voicemail.
  • Allow callers to press 0 to reach an alternate location.
  • These message settings above also apply to other types of messaging such as FAX, if enabled.

Manage Your Voicemail

  • Login to the UVa Telephone System Portal
  • Select the Calling Features tab located at the top of the page.
  • Scroll down to Voicemail Management.

    voicemail management line with edit button

    • To modify the settings click on the Edit button and a screen will come up (see below).
      voice management edit screen
    • You can select how you want your incoming calls to be handled.
      • To send all incoming calls to voicemail, check Send All Calls to Voicemail.
        • ** Note: This should ONLY be used in very special cases. There is no indicator on your phone to show that all calls are going to voicemail. It is NOT DND (Do Not Disturb).
      • To send calls to voicemail when you are engaged in a call, check Send Busy Calls to Voicemail.
        • ** Note: With Call Waiting, a line is considered busy when there are 3 consecutive calls on the line.
      • To send calls to voicemail when they are unanswered, check Send Unanswered Calls to Voicemail.
    • You can select how you want to use the voice messaging service in the When a voice message arrives… area.
      • If you want to Retrieve Voice Messages Using Your Phone:
        • Select Use unified messaging.
          • ** Note: When using unified messaging, you can check the Use Phone Message Waiting Indicator box. This option provides a stuttered dial tone (and blinking light on some phones) to inform you when you have messages waiting.
        • If you want to be Notified by Email of New Messages:
          • Click the radio button to turn ON Email address for new message notifications
          • In the text box, type the email address where you want these notifications to be sent.
          • Click Save
          • **Note: This option will send you a short email message informing you that a message has been received and it will provide the caller ID and date/time of the message.
      • If you want your Voice Messages Sent To Your Email Account as a .wav File:
        • Click the Radio Button to turn on Forward it to this email address:
        • Provide the email address where you want your voice messages to be sent in the text box to the right.
        • **Note: If you have any messages saved via the phone retrieval option, you will be unable to access them after changing your setting to Forward it to this email address:. In order to access those older, saved messages, you can change your setting back to Use unified messaging so you can listen to your voicemail messages via the phone.
      • You can select whether callers have the option to Transfer to Another Number In Addition to Leaving a Voice Message:
        • Click the radio button to turn ON the Transfer on "0" to Phone Number option. Callers can press 0 during your outgoing voice message and be transferred to another number, such as a mobile phone or Auto Attendant.
        • **Note: If a caller presses 0 while recording a message, the caller is prompted with the option to send or to cancel the current message before being transferred.
  • To turn your Voice Messaging Service On or Off, click Voicemail: "On" or "Off"

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