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VITA Audio & Data Conferencing

ITS offers audio and web conferencing using the Virginia Information Technologies Agency's (VITA) Reservationless Conferencing service. This is a "for fee" service, 4.7 cents per minute, per participant. Additional rate information is on VITA's IT Service Rate website.

Setup Conference Calling for the VITA Reservationless Conferencing service. Once an account is set up, you will be provided with a conference code and a leader PIN number.

Full documentation for this service is available on VITA's Voice and Video Reservationless Conferencing website.

Quick Start

To start a conference:

  1. Dial the toll free number 1-866-842-5779
  2. Enter your conference code followed by #
  3. Enter * and the leader PIN followed by #
  4. After the tone, state your name and press #
  5. To start the conference press 1

To join a conference:

  1. Dial the toll free number 1-866-842-5779
  2. Enter the provided conference code followed by #

To Mute your line press *6, to unmute press #6.

Web Interface

You can also join a conference call/meeting online using the conference code at From the Call Manager, select the desired audio connection. Once you join the meeting, you can see who is in the conference room, use features like chat with other users.

If you are the leader/moderator, you can also manage the meeting via this website. Click on the Meeting Information "i" button in the upper left hand corner and then select Manage this meeting and enter your leader PIN. You can then go back to the Main Room and manage users by right clicking on the user icons and selecting from available options such as "Disconnect Audio" or Mute.

Through this website, you can also install the optional Meeting Center desktop application, which allows you to share your screen or files with others in the conference.

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