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University Telephone System

Setting Priority Alerts Using Ringtones

Setting Up Your Priority Alerts

The Priority Alert feature allows you to configure a distintive ringtone on your phone that meets specified criteria.

  • To configure the service, start by creating a rule.
    • From the calling features tab, scroll to Priority Alert and click edit.
    • Then, click add rule. Enter a description for the rule.
      Note: The description should allow you to remember, at a glance, the instance for which you have specified this service. For example, if you want to receive Priority Alert on calls from outside of the University only, you might name the notification "External".
  • Enable or disable priority alert.
    • To enable priority alert, select Use priority alert.
    • To disable priority alert, select Do not use priority alert.
  • Select the time schedule.
    • Select the time schedule from the Time Schedule drop-down list.
      Note: Define your time schedules on the User Profile page, under Time Schedules.
  • Select the holiday schedule.
    • Select the holiday schedule from the Holiday Schedule drop-down list.
      Note: Define your holiday schedules on the User Profile page, under Holiday Schedules.
  • Type the phone numbers which trigger Priority Alert.
    • When a call is received for this user, the Priority Alert service tags that call as External or Group/Enterprise.
      • If the call is External:
        • To receive Priority Alert on calls from any phone number (not extension), check Any external phone number. If this is not selected, the service will search in the Any following phone numbers list.
      • If the call is Group/Enterprise:
        • When the call is a Group call, the Priority Alert service always goes to the Any following phone numbers even if it has not been selected.
        • To receive notifications of calls from a defined telephone number, enter the numbers in the Specific phone numbers text boxes. You can select "Any private number" or "Any unavailable number".
        • Click in the first text box and enter the complete phone number that should trigger the Priority Alert. You can enter up to 12 numbers for each instance. If this number is not one assigned to the group, type the complete number: + . For example, "+1" must precede a long distance number within the U.S.
        • Note: You can use wild cards. The "?" is a wild card that can replace a single digit anywhere in a digit string. A trailing "*" represents a digit string and can only appear at the end of a string containing digits and "?" wild cards.
          Example: 45055512?4, 450555??34, 4505?5*
    • Save your changes
      • Click save.

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