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Department Counselor Telephone


Administrative ServicesGloria Smith2-1666
Admissions, Office of (Undergraduate)Rhonda Douthit2-3375
Admissions (Hospital)Beth Horn 3-9679
Admissions (School of Medicine)Lesley Thomas 4-5571
African-American AffairsAngela Comfrot4-7923
Air ScienceDavina Seruya4-6832
Alderman LibraryKurt Miller2-2685
AnesthesiologyJohn Gonnella2-4310
Animal Care & Use CommitteeSilvia LaRue3-9429
AnthropologyMillie W. Dean4-7033
Architecture, School of
    Campbell HallDick Smith4-1413
    Peyton HouseDick Smith4-1413
    Peyton AnnexDick Smith4-1413
ArtKristen Minnis4-6122
Art Museum, University of VirginiaDiana Snead4-4482
Arts & Sciences, Center for Instructional TechnologiesValerie Larson4-6847
Arts & Sciences, College ofKyle Bowman4-4956
Arts & Sciences, Dean's OfficeAimee Steussy4-4027
Asian & Middle East Languages and CulturesCameron Clayton3-8076
Assistant Vice President for Finance & Financial AnalysisStacey Rittenhouse4-4294
Associates of the University LibrarySara Barnes4-7849
AstronomyJackie Harding 4-7494
AthleticsNaomi Perkins2-5230


Batten School of Leadership and Public PolicyJoshua Skiles2-1920
Beirne Carter CenterLinda Mikell4-1274
Biochemistry & Molecular GeneticsHelen Norfleet-Shifflett4-1667
Biological Timing, Center forDenise Holmes2-4503
Biomedical EngineeringTracy Burcin 4-5193
Blue Ridge Care Connection for ChildrenVertie Wade4-0222
Board of VisitorsDebra Rinker4-7081
Body TalkPhil Moran2-1664
Book Arts PressDonna Sy 4-8851
Business OperationsAnna Rugo4-4508


Cancer Center AdministrationRachel Massie3-6050
Cancer Center (Inpatient and Outpatient)Jim Budd4-2936
Cancer Center ResearchRachel Massie3-6050
Cardiovascular Research CenterPaul Orange3-9966
Carter G. Woodson InstituteTia Scott4-3109
Cavalier ComputersWayne Perry260-1379
Cell Biology (Anatomy)Wanda Crawford 3-7254
Center for Alcohol & Substance EducationDebra Reed4-5276
Center for Biomedical Ethics and HumanitiesCarrie Gumm4-5695
Center for Cell SignalingPatricia James4-1837
Center for Humanism in MedicineRobert Pursley2-3280
Center for PoliticsJennifer Page3-8473
Center for Public Health Genomics Elizabeth M. Mollica 2-3228
Center for Research in ReproductionAlex Kish4-1807
Center for Russian & East European StudiesSpencer Bakich4-3033
Center for South Asian StudiesKaren Lang4-8815
Center for Survey ResearchIla Crawford 3-5222
Center for the Study of Mind & Human InteractionLiz Olmsted2-1045
Central Services (Materiel Support Services)Geraldine Gaines3-2617
Chaplaincy Services and Pastoral EducationVacant4-2642
Chemical EngineeringJennifer Lamb4-3925
ChemistryEddie Byers4-3157
Child Care CenterStephanie Massie4-5140
Civil and Environmental Engineering Kevin Miles2-2764
ClassicsGlenda Notman3-4041
Clemons LibrarySusan Bryant 4-3684
Clinical EngineeringVickie Faulconer 4-3925
Clinical Pathology Labs (Northridge)Becky Marks3-4530
Clinical ServicesGail Hughes 4-2653
Colonnade ClubDiane Wilson4-1192
Colonnade Medical AssociatesBarbara Rogers4-1212
Communication Services
    Carruthers HallAmy Dorman4-4148
    McKim HallDebra Rose 3-6035
Comparative MedicineMicki Laman4-9984
Computer ScienceWendy Morris2-2009
Continuing EducationKathy Roy2-5282
Continuing Medical EducationTammy Rogers2-3635
Continuum Home Health CareSherry Donnelly984-2273
Cooper Center for Public ServiceDonna Conley2-5522
Corcoran Department of HistoryKathleen Miller 4-3478
Curry School of EducationJoshua Fitzpatrick3-1624


Darden SchoolDarden Helpdesk4-3276
DentistryRaymond Selig4-1652
Department of Systems and Information EngineeringJoan Marie Sipe3-5172
DermatologyKim Morris4-1958
DevelopmentRoselle Louderback4-1009
Development, Health SystemJane Crady4-8432
Diabetes CenterMary Ann McMahon4-5247
Diabetes Education and Management ProgramTina Cross3-4614
Digestive HealthJai Harvey2-4258
Dining ServicesLinda Beaulieu2-5112
Division of Technology, Culture, and CommunicationsVanessa Pace4-3425
DramaTheresa Lamb4-3327


East Asian CenterChris Smith4-7836
EconomicsDebby Stanford4-3177
Education LibraryKay Buchanan2-2664
Electrical EngineeringDan Fetko4-6073
Emergency ManagementWoody Given4-0204
Emergency MedicineDaniel Griffith4-2312
Emergency ServicesPhyllis Tubbs4-5489
Employee Health (Occupational)Vickie Garrison 4-8001
Employee Assistance ProgramDenese Straughn3-2643
EnglishSarah Colvin 4-7071
 Barbara Moriarty 4-6074
Environment CareConnie Morris2-6781
Environmental Health and SafetyMary Fielding 2-4923
Environmental SciencesLaurie Hammond 4-7761
Environmental ServicesPatricia Lacy 4-5188
Equal Opportunity ProgramsAlexis Johnson4-3200
Ethics Consultation ServicesCharlene Kaufman4-2094
Executive Vice President and CFODebra Taylor4-3252


Facilities ManagementJoyce Chewning2-5854
Facilities Planning and Capital DevelopmentJessica Timberlake4-8400
Family MedicineMarie Carver4-1617
Financial Aid, School of MedicineNancy Zimmer4-0033
Fiske Kimball Fine Arts LibraryBrenda Bikos4-6602
Fraternity and Sorority LifeMichael Citro4-7430
FrenchMaggie Stein4-4656


Gamma KnifeBrenda Hogan2-0096
Gastroenterology, Division ofLucy Russell Smith 2-4258
General Clinical Research CenterElida Logan2-3160
General CounselBukurije (Buki) Aljiji4-3685
GermanMelody Palmer4-6692
Graduate Medical Education OfficeDiane Farineau4-2047
Graduate ProgramsJane Cornelius3-9223
Graduate School of Arts & SciencesEvelyn Carpenter4-3389


Health Information ServicesWhitney Turner4-2196
Health Sciences LibraryMargaret Reitz2-3605
Health Services FoundationEllen Lubinsky 980-6191
Health System Human ResourceRoby Hunt3-9321
Heart Center Administration; Patient Care ServicesLinda Lemieux4-2077
Heart Center CCU Patient Care UnitMary Lang4-2582
Heart Center Non-Invasive LabMary Lee 2-0171
HIPAATerry Tigner2-0219
Hospital, 7 Central & 7 WestMargaret Rossi-Ferro2-1759
Housing DivisionDavid Stephens2-0290
Human InvestigationCorky Miller4-2109
Human ResourcesBob Romanko4-3559


Information Technology ServicesToni Hash4-4141
Information Technology Services, Enterprise ApplicationsTara Poleski3-0346
Institute for Advanced Technology in the HumanitiesJoyce Shifflett4-4527
Institute for Quality Health of VirginiaRebecca Mason3-2643
Institute of Law, Psychiatry, and Public PolicyDon Colley4-9210
Institutional Assessment & StudiesTracy Crehan4-3417
InterfacilityFay Shipp3-5917
Internal AuditJane Beckert4-4110
Internal MedicineJim Taylor4-1249
Internal Medicine, AdministrationTerri Washington2-3297
Internal Medicine, NorthridgeJanet Smith3-4527
International CenterEric Champoux4-7983
International Health Care Worker Safety CenterSusan Hughes4-5159
International Residential CollegeJill Napier4-3765
International StudiesBridget Ganey2-3010
IntramuralsCrystal Aldridge4-6197
IT Budget and AdministrationToni Hash4-4141



KinesiologySusan Breeden4-6207
Kluge Children's Rehabilitation CenterCarolyn Craig3-4862


Labor and DeliveryGloria Dudley4-2453
Law LibraryGary Banks434-260-1778
Law SchoolEvelyn Gray434-996-7905
Jason Bayers434-218-3525
Learning Needs & Evaluation CenterJanell Watson4-1515
Life Support Learning CenterHansie Haier4-1765
Linen ServicesDon Kramer4-8077


Malcolm Cole Child Care Center Barbara Short4-1210
Marketing and CommunicationsCarol Barnett4-9817
Materials ScienceJeannie Reese2-5643
Materiel Support ServicesJeannie Reese2-5643
MathematicsAllison Boese4-4919
McIntire School of CommerceJudy Adams-Mikell4-4673
Mechanical, Aerospace, and Nuclear EngineeringJackie Slaughter-Scott4-7424
Media ServicesRebecca Guilford4-5296
Medicaid UnitWanda Roland4-9781
Medical Affairs/Office of Chief of StaffMarjorie Acevedo2-8114
Medical Alumni AssociationBarry Collins4-2311
Medical Center (3 East & 3 Central)Marilyn Morris4-2339
Medical Center (8 Central)Darlene Probert4-5855
Medical Center (8 West)Olga Noonan4-9082
Medical Center AdministrationCathy Hudson3-9308
Medical Center ComputingBeulah Washington4-5261
Medical Center FinancePatricia Massie4-2857
Medical Center Physical PlantCourtenay Starks4-8093
Medical Center PurchasingVickie Hensley2-0274
Medical Center Risk ManagementCheryl Skinner4-5595
Medical EducationLucille Bland4-2563
Medical Information and Referral Service (MIRS)Hildy Baldwin4-8599
Medical School AdministrationMaryKay Ohaneson4-8262
Medical Service Center (MICU)Sherian Carlson 4-9059
Medicine, AdministrativeKaren Ward3-0326
Medicine, AllergyDelores Lushbaugh4-2227
Medicine, Cardiovascular DivisionJohn Hoover3-4861
Medicine, Clinical PharmacologyPam Schaefer4-5945
Medicine, ClinicsJim Taylor4-1249
Medicine, EndocrinologyJim Fredrick2-3601
Medicine, Epidemiology (Infectious Control)Mary Redgrave4-0260
Medicine, GastroenterologyLucy Russell Smith2-4258
Medicine, General MedicineMary Meachum-Whitehill4-5856
Medicine, Geographic DivisionPam Schaefer4-5242
Medicine, Hematology/OncologyJeff Ware 4-5942
Medicine, Infectious DiseasesJames E. McGowan2-1210
Medicine, NephrologyEmily Searcy4-5125
Medicine, Pulmonary Joe Derrico3-6580
Medicine, RheumatologyLena Garrison4-9629
MicrobiologyRegina Seitz4-5111
Military ScienceCraig Austin4-7101
Miller Center for Public AffairsJennifer Starkey4-5469
Molecular Physiology and Biological PhysicsJohn Chapman 2-1646
Musculoskeletal Service CenterCarolyn Taylor4-1883
MusicHaley Hiatt4-6491
Music LibraryWinston Barham3-8700


Naval ScienceDavid Burke 4-0980
NeurologyRose Powell 4-2676
NeuropsychologyKimberly Burgess4-2718
NeuroscienceSharon Heyka 4-9108
Neurosciences/Surgical ServicesChristinia Hucek4-5888
NeurosurgeryMelinda Mason3-9510
New Literary HistoryMollie Washburne2-2712
Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU)Doris Strother4-8793
Nuclear ReactorPaul Bennechie2-5440
Nursing, School ofRebecca Bowers4-0133
Nutrition ServicesNancy Carpenter4-2696


Ob/GynSherry Morris4-9918
Ob/Gyn Medical Center InpatientCheryl Quarles-Lewis3-6002
Off Grounds HousingVicki Hawes3-8924
Office for Research School of MedicineLeontyne Peck 4-4334
Office of Emergency PreparednessDonna Ferneyhough 2-0565
Office of Major EventsCindy Ferguson4-7724
Office of Medical EducationMary O'Leary 3-2522
Office of Research Core AdministrationShawnee Meredith4-2356
Office of Risk Insurance ManagementMiranda Bransom 4-3055
Office of Sponsored ProgramsKelly Mays4-4272
Office of the Dean of Students, Newcomb HallCarrie Ryan4-8805
Office of the Dean of Students, Peabody HallElspeth Splaun4-7427
Office of the TreasurerKaren Walker4-4245
Office of the Vice President and ProvostMarie Austin-Johnson4-3728
Operating RoomsSharon Smith2-0654
Organizational DevelopmentRebecca Combs4-8390
Orthopaedic SurgeryMary Leigh Thacker3-0226
OtolaryngologyTina Cross 4-0241


Pain Management CenterDesiree Toliver3-5963
Palliative Care Services, Division of GeriatricsTina Jones3-9125
Papers of George WashingtonStacy Diggs-Allen4-3987
Papers of James MadisonStacy Diggs-Allen4-3987
Parking and TransportationBetsy Thompson4-6779
PathologySusan Bywaters 4-2819
Patient and Guest ServicesFay Shipp3-5917
Patient Assistance Services; TransportationGloria Smith2-1666
Patient Care Services Clinical SupportCathy Bowers4-1229
Patient EducationPhil Moran2-1664
Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)Abby Warden3-6745
PediatricsLynn Hall3-2958
Pediatrics/NeonatologyTammy Mawyer4-2075
Peri-Operative ServicesNikki Norman2-0654
PharmacologyTammy Snow4-1897
PharmacyDena Krebs2-0373
Philosophy Katie Runkle4-7701
Physical Medicine and RehabilitationSandy Bare3-0378
Physics; High Energy Physics LabMike Beverage4-0851
Plastic SurgeryJohn Gress3-2754
Plastic Surgery ResearchPam Rodeheaver4-2126
Police DepartmentPaulette Vining4-7166
Poison Center, Blue RidgeRobert Walter2-3196
President's OfficeJustina Duncan4-6775
Printing and Copying ServicesKelly Hogg4-7186
Procurement ServicesCarrie McGowan4-4239
Psychiatric MedicineWill Slusher4-2943
PsychologyTabitha Lillard2-4748
Public Health SciencesPam Fincham4-8653
Public Information and Humanity ServicesLorraine Jordan4-7261
Pulmonary and Critical Care Joe Derrico3-6580


Quality & Performance ImprovementShelia Grissom2-2870


Radiation OncologyPam Schoolcraft4-9415
Radiation/Oncology Medical SchoolJamie DeVore4-5564
RadiologyRita Browne2-3518
Radiology LibraryPenny Guy2-1736
Radiology ResearchJessica Lilly2-2585
Registrar Mark Camblos 4-4127
Rehabilitation ServicesSharon Cason4-8329
Religious StudiesMick Watson4-6713
Renal UnitCathy Shifflett4-9501
Residence LifeMichelle Monger4-3736
Rotunda AdministrationHarland Harris2-3099


School of Engineering, Dean's OfficePhyllis Bibb4-3592
School of Medicine
    Clinical Skills CenterBen Blohowiak3-2759
    Dean's OfficeBruce Shifflett4-8409
    Generalist Scholars ProgramDela Alexander2-6317
    Human ResourcesTonya Fredericks2-5656
    Undergraduate Medical Education SupportDarci Lieb 4-2194
Science and Engineering LibrariesLinda Vaughan3-8615
Security, HospitalDeborah Chambers4-5048
Slavic Languages and LiteratureAnn Zook4-3548
SociologyKatherine Shifflett 4-6509
Spanish, Italian and PortugueseTally Sanford4-4550
State Governmental RelationsPenny Cabaniss4-3377
Statistics, Division ofKaren Dalton4-3222
Student Affairs, Medical SchoolLeslie Comstock-Tirrell4-7984
Student Financial ServicesEdrina Allen4-4242
Student HealthGil Pearman4-1515
Studies in Women and GenderLaura Mellusi2-2961
Summer SessionNina Pierce4-3371
Supply Chain ManagementVanessa Keiser2-4469
SurgeryTina McWilliams4-5772
Systems and Information Engineering, Department ofJoan Marie Sipe3-5172


TCV PerfusionRichard Zacour2-0331
TCV Post OpWanda Breeden2-0312
Teaching Resource CenterFreda Fretwell2-2850
Technology, Culture, and Communication, Division ofVanessa Pace4-3425
Teen Health CenterRuth P. Cowan2-0090
TelemedicineLara Oktay3-6340
The University of Virginia PressAngie Hogan4-3361
Therapy ServicesGail Hughes4-2653
TransplantKathy Register2-1656
Transportation DistributionFay Shipp3-5917


University Architect, Office of theMelanie Price2-4510
University Budget OfficeValerie Spears4-3386
University of Virginia BookstoreWayne Perry260-1379
University of Virginia Investment ManagementTina Shifflett4-4245
University of Virginia Patent FoundationMelissa Newman
Lindsay Clark
University of Virginia Real Estate FoundationLaura Pence2-4848
University RelationsPenney Catlett4-1400
Upward BoundCarolyn Anthony2-4551
UrologyTrish Reilly2-3157
Utilization ReviewKaren Brock4-5344
UVa Career CenterKevin E. Taylor7-6960
UVa HealthSouthJennifer Martin244-2011
UVa WorkMedThomas Miller2-1101


Vice President for FinanceNancy Williams4-0716
Vice President for Management & BudgetKay Campbell4-3349
Vice President for ResearchMollie Iseli4-3502
Vice President for Student AffairsPat Hartsook 4-7984
Virginia Film FestivalJenny Mays2-5660
Virginia Foundation for the HumanitiesJeannie Palin4-3296
Virginia Institute of Political LeadershipWilliam Wood 2-5698
Virginia Quarterly ReviewMolly Minturn 4-3124
Virginia Status on University StudentsAbby Self 2-3375
Virginia Student Aid FoundationAbby Pool2-5555


Weldon Cooper Center Donna Conley2-5944
Women's and Children's ClinicsSherril Stinnett2-4418
Women's Center, IRISPatricia Crawford2-2250
Women's Place, TheSherri Armstrong4-5138
Woodrow Wilson PoliticsSue Sherrill4-3192




Zion Crossroad DialysisHester Baird4-9009

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