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University Telephone Service

Cordless Phones

The University phone system supports the use of cordless phones through two different connection options, analog lines and Bluetooth through a Polycom VVX-600. Please note that ITS does not provide or directly support cordless phone instruments. They can be purchased from any electronics retailer and support questions should be directed to the manufacturer.

Cordless Phones Connected via Analog line

The typical or simplest solution is to request and use an analog line and connect any cordless phone available. This is ideal when there are no existing Polycom VVX phones in the area and/or a unique number is needed for the cordless phone.

Cordless Phones Connected via Bluetooth

A more sophisticated solution is to connect a cordless phone to a Polycom VVX-600 using its built in Bluetooth capability. This does require a cordless phone base unit with the Bluetooth capability to pair wirelessly with a VVX-600.

Not all cordless phones have this capability; those that do advertise the feature as "Link2Cell" by Panasonic, "Connect to Cell" by AT&T, and "CellLink" by Uniden. Calls can then be made and received on the cordless phone as if they are made from the VVX-600. If you have a different model VVX phone there is a one-time charge ($52) to upgrade to a VVX-600.

This solution is ideal when there is already a VVX phone in the area and/or a cordless phone is needed with the same number as a VVX phone.

Note: ITS does not endorse nor provide support for any of these products — those mentioned above are purely listed as examples.

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