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Cellular Phone Coverage at UVA

Solutions, Locations, & Support

Cellular phone reception on UVA Grounds is primarily dependent on the "cell tower" coverage provided by the four major carriers: Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, and T-Mobile. This means that when you are standing outside, you'll find an adequate signal in many/most locations. However, signal strength within a UVA building is influenced by several environmental factors including:

  • location relative to the carrier's cell tower
  • materials used in the building's construction
  • your specific location above or below ground

Two different solutions for internal building cellular phone reception problems are available at UVA, each have limitations:

UVA Distributed Antenna System (DAS)

A technology known as a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) can improve cellular signal strength in specific locations by deploying antennas inside buildings and connecting them to a single shared carrier connection point. ITS has implemented a carrier neutral DAS at the University funded solely by carrier and department investments.

While all carriers are welcome to participate in (and underwrite) the UVA DAS, presently only AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon have signed on.

For this reason ITS strongly recommends the use of cellular phones from AT&T, T-Mobile, or Verizon.

If your cellular carrier is not listed above, encourage your carrier to join the UVA DAS by having them contact Michael Warlick in UVA's Department of Procurement Services.

DAS Locations at UVA

Housing & Residence Life Areas

Alderman Road

  • Balz-Dobie House
  • Cauthen House
  • Courtenay House
  • Dunglison House
  • Fitzhugh House
  • Gibbons House
  • Kellogg House
  • Lile-Maupin House
  • Shannon House
  • Tuttle-Dunnington House
  • Watson-Webb House
  • Woody House

Brown College

  • Davis House
  • Gildersleeve House
  • Harrison House
  • Holmes House
  • Long House
  • Mallet House
  • McGuffey House
  • Peters House
  • Rogers House
  • Smith House
  • Tucker House
  • Venable House

Faulkner Apartments

  • Hench Apts
  • Mitchell Apts
  • Younger Apts


  • Dillard Houses
  • Gooch Houses

Hereford College

  • Norris House
  • Whyburn House

International Residential College

  • Gwathmey House

Jefferson Park Avenue

  • Bice House
  • Shea House
  • Spanish House

McCormick Road

  • Bonnycastle House
  • Dabney House
  • Echols House
  • Emmet House
  • Hancock House
  • Humphreys House
  • Kent House
  • Lefevre House
  • Metcalf House
  • Page House

Other Locations

  • Johnson House
  • Malone House
  • Weedon House

Academic and Administrative Areas

Academic Buildings

  • Garrett Hall
  • Rice Hall
  • Rotunda
  • Zehmer Hall

Administrative Buildings

  • Carruthers Hall (ITS area only)

Event Space (Dean of Students)

  • Ern Commons

Athletics Buildings

  • Aquatic and Fitness Center (Basement only)
  • JPJ Arena
  • Scott Stadium
  • Bryant Hall

Dining Halls

  • Newcomb Hall (Excludes new expansion)
  • O'Hill Dining Hall
  • Runk Dining Hall

DAS Support

Report any cell phone issues with the supported carriers in the above buildings to the UVA Help Desk (available 24/7/365) at 4-HELP or 866-469-4866 or online at For questions about mobile phone coverage in Health System-managed buildings, please contact Health System Technology Services. Not sure who manages your building's telephones? Check the Service by Building page.

Request DAS for Your Building

To find out more details about having DAS installed for your department's location(s), open a Consultation Service Request in the Service Request Catalog in ServiceNow. Please note that the UVA DAS is not centrally funded, and significant implementation costs exist.

WiFi Calling

Since 2015 WiFi Calling, sometimes referred to as Voice over WiFi (VoWiFi) has emerged as a promising new carrier technology to address cellular phone voice service in locations lacking adequate cellular wireless coverage but having adequate WiFi coverage. Since ITS operates and supports an extensive WiFi network in UVA academic and residential buildings, WiFi Calling may be an option for individual and/or department needs.

Please consult with your carrier to determine if they support WiFi Calling and if so how to configure your device to make use of it. In general, ITS has found that carriers may require specific service plans, only support certain phone models and require activation steps to make use of WiFi Calling.

ITS strongly recommends the individuals and departments consider WiFi Calling support when making cellular phone purchasing decisions.

WiFi Calling Support

Support questions for WiFi Calling should be directed to your carrier (cellular phone service provider):

ITS support is limited to mobile device WiFi configuration/setup.

Departmental Purchases of Cell Phones

Departments interested in obtaining cellular/wireless service and phones should refer to information from UVA Procurement & Supplier Diversity Services.

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