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University Telephone System

Call Center Agent Resources

Call Center Agent Resources

You should log in at the beginning of your day and log out at the end of your day. You should stay logged in for your entire work day, and use Unavailable during the time when you are away from your desk.

To log in/out:

  • Press or tap the ASignin softkey
  • Press or tap the ASignout softkey


When you are away from your desk, you must put yourself in "Unavailable" state so calls do not ring to your phone when you are not there to answer it.

  • To assign an unavailable code, press or tap the Unavail softkey
  • Then scroll to and tap one of the codes:
    • None
    • Out to lunch
    • On the phone
    • Out for coffee
    • In a meeting
    • On vacation
    • In training

Disposition Codes:

Disposition Codes are used to code calls that you received from the queue.

This information can be helpful for analyzing the types of calls that are received and providing categories for the calls.

  • To assign a disposition code to a call, press or tap the Disp Code softkey
  • Enter the disposition code (3-digit number)


This key is used to tag a call that you would like the engineers to trace in the system.

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