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Auto Attendant

Broadworks Auto Attendant Greetings

Welcome to the University Telephone System!

The following guide will instruct you on how to manage your Auto Attendant. Features include changing message announcements and menu options.

Please note, the interface to provide these features also provides access to complex call routing settings and extensive advanced call handling options. You are advised to only make setting changes to what is described in this manual. If routing changes are needed, we request that you contact your Help Desk to assist or make the changes for you.

Also note, to make changes to any feature of your Auto Attendant you must be on the UVa network, and if off Grounds, connected via the University VPN. The system cannot be accessed from the normal Internet.

Changing the Auto Attendant Greeting

The auto attendant message can only be changed via a Web interface. The message cannot be changed with just a phone call like the Emergency/Holiday message. Please note a different system will be accessed for this. This system is called the XSP (Extended Services Platform). Below are the instructions for logging in and how to get to the menus you need.

Announcement Repository

The announcement repository is a mechanism where you can record your greeting in one location. This will be our first step in changing our greetings.

  1. Dial into the voice portal by calling 4-4000, or 924-4000.
  2. Enter the extension and passcode given to you in your welcome email.
  3. From this message press option 5 to record a new announcement.
  4. Press 1 to record a new announcement. Once you have ended recording you will hear it played back to you. If you are satisfied, press 1; to record again, press 2.
  5. Please note time that you recorded the greeting, you will need that later.
  6. You can press 1 again to record another greeting if you would like to for other items so you don't have to repeat this procedure if you are changing more than one greeting.
  7. When done, simply hang up the call.

Log into the XSP to assign these messages to where you would like them.

XSP Login Instructions

  1. Log into the XSP system at Please note this can only be done via the UVa network. This will not be accessible from off Grounds unless you are using the VPN.
  2. Enter your username and the password you have been given in your welcome letter.
    welcome letter
  3. Once logged in the first step is to change your password.
  4. From the left hand navigation pane, click on Profile, then in the right-hand menu click on Change Password.
    Profile panel
  5. From there you will see fields to change your password. When complete click OK.
    Change password
  6. Click back on Profile to the left and we are ready to go!
    Ready to go

Accessing the Announcement Repository

  1. From the left hand navigation pane, click on the Services Link. Then click on the Auto Attendant link on the right menu.
    services-auto attendant
  2. Under the auto attendant section you will see your auto attendant listed. Click on the Edit link to the far right. Please note, the extension should be the one associated with your auto attendant that was provided in your welcome letter.
    edit link
  3. At this point you should see Announcement Repository on the right hand menu screen.
    Announcement Repository
  4. Click on the Announcement Repository link. From there you will see a place to search for your existing and recently recorded greetings. The easiest method is to just click the search button located to the right to see all the recordings.
    Announcement Repository - record greetings
    Announcement Repository - record greetings
    You may change the filenames to make them more appealing and less confusing. Reference the times that you recorded and click on Edit to the right. From here you can change the name. Just type what you want in the name field then click Apply.

Modify the Announcement Repository

Modify an existing announcement.
Announcement Repository - modify
From here you may access the auto attendant menu and change the greetings or menu.

  1. Click on the Menus link in the left-hand menu.
    Announcement Repository - modify
  2. You will see options for Business Hours, After Hours, and Holiday Menu options. Click on the Business Hours option.
    Announcement Repository - business hours
  3. Once in the Business Hours section you can select the Personal Greeting section and choose the recording you did via the announcement repository section.
    Announcement Repository - business hours menu
  4. If you need to change the destination of a key press you can make it here.
    Announcement Repository - destination of key press
  5. Note the difference between transfer with prompt and transfer without; it means that the call will hear what extension they are being transferred to. It is best practice to choose transfer without prompt.
  6. Once you have made the changes, press the Apply button, then click OK.

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