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STUDENTS, including SCPS students, select UVA Gmail with Google Apps »

FACULTY/STAFF/EMPLOYEES, including student employees:

The link you select depends on if you have been upgraded to Office 365 Outlook.

Not sure if you've been upgraded? Upgrades will start in May 2017. ITS has published the Office 365 upgrade schedule online (NetBadge credentials required to view); you can check there to see when your upgrade will happen. Prior to the upgrade, you will receive multiple messages from ITS and if you have a Local Support Partner (LSP), they will likely have talked to or met with you.

Note: Darden, Law, McIntire, and Health Sciences Center staff are not part of this upgrade.

The Email "Switchboard" has changed.

April 4, 2017

  • STUDENTS — click on the link in the FIRST box below for UVA Gmail (this includes SCPS students).
  • FACULTY/STAFF/EMPLOYEES — please see the SECOND box below for a detailed explanation of which link works for your Eservices (UVA Centralized Exchange Service or Office 365 Outlook) email (this includes student employees and retirees).

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