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Windows 10 at the University of Virginia

Status & Availability of Software and Support

[July 21, 2016]

Windows 10 is now compatible with the Integrated System and Discoverer. Please note the only IS-certified version is the Educational 64-bit version of Windows 10 and the Edge browser is not supported for use (it does not support Java). The Educational version does come with IE 11 and Firefox ESR 32-bit can also be installed for Java compatibility.

[January 4, 2016]

Symantec Endpoint Protection version 12.1.6 is now available on UVA Software and is supported for Windows 10.

[September 27, 2015]

Testers report that Cisco VPN needs to be uninstalled prior to upgrade.

Multiple software vendors have notified us that their current products are not supported under Windows 10. Updates will be made to the status of each product as they are collected.

This page outlines ITS’s support for, and Testing of products and services against, Windows 10.

Windows 10 Support at UVA

The official release date for the Windows 10 operating system was July 29, 2015.

ITS recommends that users not install Windows 10 on UVA machines until the services you need are listed as “Supported” in the table below. (You must also be running a version of Windows 10 which is supported at UVA.)

The support statement applies to software versions currently available from the UVA Software Gateway. Older version of the same titles may need to be updated.
Status Notes
Adobe Reader Supported  
Alertus Desktop Alert Supported Requires support for .NET 2.0 be enabled.
Cisco AnyConnect VPN Supported Latest version from UVA Software Gateway
Firefox Supported Note: Support is for ESR version.
Hive VMWare View Client Supported  
Home Directory Program Supported  
Identity Finder Testing  
ITS Network Setup Tool Supported  
Microsoft System Center Endpoint Protection
Unsupported Unsupported for end users not managed by Microsoft System Center. Most Windows 10 users should use built-in Windows 10 Defender, which is the end-user version of MSCEP.
SafeNet Token Software (including hardware token) Supported  
Secure Deletion Shredder Needs further Testing  
SecureCRT Supported Vendor indicates Windows 10 is supported.
SecureFX Supported Vendor indicates Windows 10 is supported.
Symantec Endpoint Protection Supported Latest version from UVA Software (12.1.6) is required. WARNING: Existing versions of Symantec Endpoint Protection must be uninstalled prior to updating to Windows 10.
Thunderbird Support Has Ended Support for Thunderbird was limited to CMS connections only (CMS deactivated May 23, 2016). Exchange users should migrate to Outlook.
UVaCollab Testing Tests to date found no problems. Performing additional tests.
Integrated System (IS)
Integrated System: Student Information System (SIS) Supported Details
Integrated System: HR/Finance Supported Details
Web Applications and Services
Exchange OWA (Calendar) Supported  
Faculty Web Server Supported  
Integrated System (HR/Finance & SIS) Supported Details
Mailing Lists Supported  
MyGroups Supported  
NetBadge Supported  
Network Registration Supported  
Online Information Security Awareness Tutorial Supported  
Personal Digital Certificates Supported  
Proxy Service Supported  
Scan & Score Supported  
UVaAnywhere/MSN/Joint VPN Connections Supported Requires latest version from UVA Software
UVA Box Cloud Storage Service Supported Upgrade to latest Box Sync recommended.
WebMail (OWA, Gmail) Supported  
Windows Critical Update Server Unsupported  
Software Update Service (SUS) Unsupported  

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