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ITS Individual Computing Support & Compatibility Guidelines

Currently Supported Computing Technologies

ITS provides support for its own services, and strives for compatibility of ITS services, when used with the supported operating systems, Web browsers, software versions, and hardware and mobile devices specified in the tables below, with the following broad exceptions:

  • Not all licensed software is available for all platforms.
  • The technology requirements for custom applications will be stated in their service level agreements.
  • Schools and departments within the University may have specific technology requirements.

OSes | Browsers | Email Programs | Office | VPN | Java/JRE | Wireless Standards | Wireless Devices

Supported Operating Systems

ITS's goal is to provide support for the most current version of an OS and the one version previous.

OS* Version Support Status
Support Exceptions (services that have different requirements than listed below):
UVACollab: Blackboard Collaborate; Enterprise Applications: SIS, HR, Finance, ImageNow
Windows Windows 10 64-bit Education Version, Fall Creator Update Build (1709) Some Support Exceptions (updated July 2016)
Windows 10 LTSB Not supported; known incompatibilities with University systems.
Windows 8.1 64-bit Support ends 8/1/18
Windows 7 64-bit Supported
Apple macOS 10.14 (Mojave Beta) Not Supported (July 2018)
macOS High Sierra (Mac OSX 10.13) Some Support Exceptions (May 2018)
macOS Sierra (Mac OSX 10.12) Some Support Exceptions (Aug. 2017)
Mac OSX 10.11 (El Capitan) Support ends 8/1/18
Mac OSX 10.10 (Yosemite) Support ends 8/1/18
Mobile OSes See below

* Supported with current service pack or updates applied. Statements of availability and support will be posted regarding the status of ITS testing for newly released operating systems and service packs.

Supported Web Browsers

Browser Version Support Status
Support Exceptions (services that have different requirements than listed below):
UVACollab: Blackboard Collaborate; Enterprise Applications: SIS, HR, Finance, ImageNow
Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) IE 11 Currently Supported
Mozilla Firefox ESR Version Current ESR (Extended Support Release) Version Only
Note: Firefox 64-bit for Windows does not support plugins like Java and should not be used with the Integrated System (12/15/15); Firefox ESR NPAPI plugin support (needed for JRE) ends when the ESR updates to Version 60, anticipated Aug. 2018
Apple Safari Safari 11 Supported

Supported Software: Email Programs

Software Version Support Status
Microsoft Outlook
Outlook 2016 32-bit Supported
Outlook 2013 32-bit Supported (Must use Modern Authentication)
Microsoft Outlook
Mac OS
Outlook 2016 for the Mac Supported
Microsoft Outlook App Current version from your mobile device's (iPhone or Android) App Store Supported for Office 365 Email & Calendaring

Supported Office/Productivity Software

Software/Platform Version Support Status
Microsoft Office
Windows OS
2016 32-bit Currently Supported
2013 32-bit Currently Supported
Microsoft Office
Mac OS
2016 for the Mac Currently Supported

Supported VPN (Virtual Private Network) Software

Minimum VPN Client Version Download
Support Exceptions: iOS devices supported using UVaAnywhere. Requires the Legacy Cisco AnyConnect client from the App store. All devices can use UVaAnywhere only from off-Grounds.
MSN (More Secure Network) VPN
Cisco Anyconnect Secure Mobility Client
(SSL VPN) version 4.4.00234
Via the UVA VPN site & UVA Software

Supported Java/JRE Release

Operating System Version Support Status
Applies to Enterprise Applications: SIS, HR, Finance, ImageNow
Windows 7/8 Minimum & Recommended Supported (Frequently Asked Questions)
Mac OS X 10.8+ Minimum & Recommended Supported (Frequently Asked Questions)

Supported Wireless Standards

As aging infrastructure is replaced in the ongoing project to upgrade UVA WiFi, wireless coverage and speed substantially increases. The upgraded WiFi is not compatible with older wireless standards, however.

Wireless Standard(s) Support Status (Max Possible Connection Speeds)
802.11ac Supported and Highly Recommended (600 Mbps*)
802.11n 5GHz Supported and Recommended (300 Mbps*)
2.4GHz Supported but Not Recommended, due to interference (150 Mbps*)
802.11g Supported but Not Recommended (54 Mbps*)
802.11a Supported but Not Recommended (54 Mbps*)

* Speeds listed are maximum possible connection speeds, with no interference and no other users competing for bandwidth.

Supported Wireless Devices

Including Supported Smartphones & Mobile Devices

Device(s) Support Status
iOS Devices (iPad, iPhone, etc) Supported for Wireless, Email, Duo (with Duo Mobile app — requires iOS 9 or later), UVaAnywhere VPN (with Cisco Legacy Anyconnect - requires iOS 6 or greater) & Outlook (requires iOS Versions 10 or later).
BlackBerry Supported for Wireless. Newer BlackBerry devices are running the Android OS and those will be supported as Android Mobile Devices/Smartphones.
Android Mobile Devices/Smartphones Documentation only (Wireless & Email)
All personal computers with supported OSes as above Supported for Wireless, Email, and VPN

Unsupported Technologies

These devices, operating systems, and software are not supported by the UVA Help Desk and are not tested for use with UVA services like Wireless and UVA-supported email. You may use these services/devices at UVA, but your experience may vary — some ITS and University services are not designed for these devices and may not work at all. Limited documentation is available for some technologies where noted below.

Technology Notes
Windows RT OS Unsupported
Windows 10 LTSB Unsupported ^
Windows 10 S / Windows 10 in S mode Unsupported +
Windows All 32-Bit Versions All 32-bit versions unsupported
Linux/UNIX OS Documentation Only
Google Chrome Browser All versions unsupported
MS Edge Browser Unsupported
Microsoft Office 64-bit for Windows (all versions) Compatibility Issues
Devices using wireless standard 802.11b Unsupported (11 Mbps)
Windows Mobile Unsupported#
Chromebooks & Chrome OS Devices Unsupported#  Registering the device for the UVA network may require a second computer or mobile device.
Kindle/Nook/Other eReaders Unsupported#
Video Devices (Chromecast, Roku, AppleTV, DVRs, etc.) Unsupported#  Chromecast devices require connection protocols incompatible with our wireless network and experience indicates those devices cannot be used successfully.
Game Consoles (Xbox, Playstation, Wii, etc.) Unsupported#
Personal Wireless Printers Unsupported. Bluetooth printers may be used without interference with the UVA network. WiFi networking on printers is typically not compatible (designed for home wireless networks) and users will be directed to turn off WiFi if the device interferes with the use of the network by others.
Home Automation Devices (Amazon Echo, Google Home) Unsupported. Google Home devices cannot successfully connect to the network (designed for home wireless networks). Users have had mixed success with other Amazon devices.

^ Known incompatibilities with University systems
+ Unsupported on 32-bit machines (Qualcomm Snapdragon, 32-bit Intel or AMD Systems); 64-bit systems need to turn off S mode once they can be updated to the April 2018 Windows 10 update (1803) [See question "Can I switch out of S mode on my Windows 10 PC?"]
# For unsupported mobile devices, see configuring for UVA’s unencrypted wahoo wireless network and configuring mobile devices for UVA email.

Per the University Data Protection Standards policy, only those versions of operating systems and network-aware applications actively supported by their vendors or open source community must be used when shared devices (like servers, network attached storage, disk arrays, etc.) are attached to the network.

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