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Allowing Java Web Applications in Safari

When you use Safari to access websites using plug-ins such as Java or Flash, you are prompted to trust the plug-in for that website. When you see a dialog box like the one below, click Trust to allow the plug-in to run. This is only requested once, but it will be requested for each website.

trust the website

UVA Box: Allowing the Folder Upload Java Application to Work in Safari

Java is required to be able to upload folders to UVA Box using the Safari browser. The recommended Java version for Mac can be found at
After installing Java, restart Safari. You will likely be prompted with the following dialog box:
Java was recently installed.
Click the OK button.

  • Navigate to and log in.
  • In Safari, select the Safari > Preferences menu.
    • Click the Security tab and click the Plug-in Settings... button.
      UVa Box - manage website settings

Configure the Java plug-in for the UVA Box Folder uploader

  1. Scroll the list on the left until you see "Java", and click the check box to select Java.
  2. Hold the option key down and click the dropdown menu to the right of "". Select "Run in Safe Mode" to uncheck it. Click the dropdown menu again and select "Ask" instead of "Off". This applies only to the site.
  3. Click "Done" to close the window. Then close the Preferences window.
  4. Refresh the Box page or restart Safari.
  5. Go back to UVA Box and sign in. In the Box web page, click the Upload button and choose Folders. You will be prompted with a dialog box similar to the following:
    Trust website
  6. Click the Trust button. In a few seconds, you will be prompted to run the Java application:
    Run the application
  7. Click Run.
  8. You should then see the upload box. Click "Add files" to select the folders and/or files to upload.
    UVA Box folders
  9. Select the files and/or folders you want to upload and then click Choose, followed by Upload.

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