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ITS Individual Computing Support & Compatibility Guidelines

Definition: “Supported by ITS”

What does “Supported by ITS” mean?

* Web Browsers & Email Clients: Special Statement on Support

You are welcome to use any web browser or email client you wish, as long as it is modern and has current security patches installed.

Web Browsers

If you are having trouble with an ITS-supported service and contact the UVA Help Desk, the help desk advisor may ask you to switch to a supported browser temporarily for troubleshooting. If the supported browser also does not work, the Help Desk will continue troubleshooting and open an incident for resolution.

Email Clients

Microsoft (like all cloud email providers) makes very regular (up to daily) changes to their email systems for security reasons and to provide enhancements. Unfortunately, ITS has no connection to non-Microsoft clients (like Thunderbird or MacMail) and cannot guarantee these other email clients will keep up in a timely manner with the changes that are pushed out by Microsoft on this continuous cycle. Microsoft, however, commits to keeping Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA) 100% compatible with this ever-changing "evergreen" environment.

You are welcome to use Thunderbird, MacMail, and other non-Microsoft email clients that work for you. If you chose to use an unsupported client, we suggest you have a backup option of a supported mail client, such as Outlook or Outlook Web App (OWA) installed and available for times that your mail client is not up-to-date on changes and fixes. While ITS hopes changes that cause your email client to "break" do not occur often, they are likely to happen, as has already been experienced since the ITS upgrade to Office 365.

If you have trouble with your email client, the UVA Help Desk will ask you to try one of the supported email clients. If the supported client works, you may need to contact your email client's manufacturer to report the issue. If the supported email client does not work, the Help Desk will open an incident for resolution.

What "end of support" or "unsupported" means

"End of support" means that we will no longer test for compatibility or actively pursue compatibility with ITS Services, or provide end-user support with ITS Services on unsupported versions of OSes, browsers, software packages, etc. Old versions of these technologies may still be used unless a compatibility or security issue is discovered. If a rare future problem is found, patches or changes will not be actively made for unsupported technologies while we focus on making services compatible with supported technologies.

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