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UVa First-Year Student Computer Inventory

Fall 2008

The following information has been collected over the past decade by student employees of ITS, known as Computing Advisors (CAs), a group of first-year students hired to advise and assist their peers with computing. The data is based on a census of first-year residence halls each fall conducted by the CAs.

Each year the computing inventory provides statistics regarding computer ownership; type of computer; operating system; network capability; peripherals; and in recent years, mobile device ownership, too—among incoming first-year students at UVa.

Approximately 95% of all first-years were contacted.

Fall 2008: First-Year Student Computer Ownership
Students Surveyed Own a Computer Do Not Own a Computer
3071 3070 1
Pie chart of characteristics of computers owned by 1st year students
Fall 2008: Laptop Versus Desktop Distribution Among First-Year Students
Laptop Desktop Tablet Own Two Computers
3017 36 17 93
Pie chart showing distribution by operating system
Fall 2008: First-Year Computers Distributed by Operating System
Total Windows Vista Windows XP Other Windows Mac OS X Win on a Mac Linux/Other
3070 1696 213 2 1095 42 8
Bar chart showing equipment used by first-years
Fall 2008: Equipment Brought by First-Years
BlackBerry Other Smartphone Game Console Other mp3 iPhone iPod Touch iPod Printer
187 268 277 282 190 361 1967 2577

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