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UVA Microsoft Agreements

Details of the UVA Microsoft Agreements

UVA has 3 agreements/programs with Microsoft to allow the UVA community to obtain Microsoft products at a discount:

  • Campus Agreement/Enrollment for Education Solutions (EES) – allows many UVA students, faculty, and staff to obtain Microsoft Windows and Office software for use on institutionally-owned computers at no incremental cost to the department, on personally-owned computers for employee UVA work-at-home use for a nominal media fee, or for students through a no-cost download. It also licenses IT administrators to deploy Microsoft-licensed server products for use by the covered population.
  • Select Plus Agreement – allows many UVA employees who don't qualify under the Campus/EES Agreement, or who need Microsoft software other than Office or Windows, to purchase software licenses at a discount for use on institutionally-owned computers.
  • Imagine (formerly DreamSpark) – a Microsoft program that supports technical education by providing access to Microsoft software for learning, teaching and research purposes. Imagine Standard is available University-wide and is maintained by ITS. Imagine Premium is licensed on a per-department basis to STEM departments only. See your departmental administrator for more details.

When purchasing new computers through the University’s DCI or CAV programs, the licenses for the operating system and Microsoft Office are included in the purchase price.

Covered Microsoft Software Products

  Campus/EES Agreement
Select Plus Agreement Imagine Standard

Eligible Employees & Students

All Employees

Eligible students & employees

Microsoft SC Endpoint Protection (antivirus) no-cost download n/a

Use Symantec Endpoint Protection instead

Microsoft Office Suite for PC or Mac no-cost download (institutionally-owned computers only or student use) ~$50 download; How to Order Select Agreement Software n/a

Nominal fee download

(UVA work-at-home use on personally-owned devices)

Microsoft Windows operating system (for upgrades & virtual machine use only) no-cost download (institutionally-owned computers only or student use) ~$50 download; How to Order Select Agreement Software n/a

Nominal fee download

(UVA work-at-home use on personally-owned devices)

Microsoft Project n/a ~$65 download; How to Order Select Agreement Software n/a
Microsoft Visio n/a ~$30 download; How to Order Select Agreement Software n/a
Server Client Access Licenses (CALs): Exchange Server, SharePoint Server, System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM), Windows Server Included with the entitlement purchase; prices vary n/a
All other Microsoft software n/a download; prices vary

See How to Order Select Agreement Software

no-cost download

Eligibility Details for Microsoft Software Titles at UVA

Who Campus/EES Agreement Select Plus Agreement Imagine
Students Degree-seeking &
non-degree students
n/a Degree-seeking &
non-degree students
Employees Faculty & staff, full or part-time, but not wage or temp:
  • State-funded
    Agency 207 University, classified, and wage employees
  • Locally funded
    Miller Center of Public Affairs, Semester at Sea, SWVHEC (Agency 948), UVIMCO employees
All UVA employees:
  • including those who are locally funded at centers, foundations, and institutes not covered by the Campus Agreement
Faculty & staff involved in academic instruction, academic projects, and non-commercial research
When You Leave UVA...
Students Graduating from a degree program? May keep licenses covered at time of graduation

Leave without graduating? All products obtained under this agreement must be removed

n/a You may continue to use the software you download after you leave the University.

Must return licenses, uninstall software

Must return licenses, uninstall software

Must return licenses, uninstall software





Obtaining Licensed Microsoft Software from UVA Software

Microsoft Office and the Windows operating system are both available for less than $10 to UVA students and eligible UVA employees (on personally owned computers for work-at-home use).

  1. Go to the Microsoft Office or Microsoft Windows entries in the UVA Software Gateway.
  2. Select which offering is relevant to you (Student or Faculty/Staff- Work at Home (WAH) (For Installation on Personally-Owned Devices)).
  3. Download through UVA Software.

Note for eligible UVA Employess: The latest version of Office, Office 2016, is for personal use as well as work-at-home use. All other software provided for installation on personally-owned devices is for work-at-home use only.

Image of Office 2013 software

Limitations on Windows Operating System Software

At UVA, the Windows operating system is covered as an upgrade or for virtual machine use only.

Windows Upgrades

Windows is covered as an upgrade, not a new installation. Your computer must already have a valid license for an older/existing version of the Microsoft Windows operating system (or be for virtual machine use, as described below).

If your computer does not have a valid license, first purchase from Cavalier Computers any full, supported version of Windows (available at an educational discount)before obtaining versions of Windows under the Microsoft Agreements.

Windows Running as a Virtual Machine

Windows is also covered to run as a virtual machine. Only one virtual machine may be run on a Mac running Bootcamp, Parallels, or VMWare Fusion.

Up to 4 Virtual Machines can be operated on a computer that either:

  • Had Windows installed at the manufacturer, or
  • Is running Linux, provided that computer came with Windows installed by the manufacturer.

Email the site license administrator for more information about using Microsoft products on virtual machines.

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