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Blackboard Collaborate at UVA

UVA Usage Instructions

Using Blackboard Collaborate at UVA

Minimum System Requirements for Blackboard Collaborate

Refer to the Blackboard Collaborate Support website for complete information about using Blackboard Collaborate:

Connecting & Creating Blackboard Collaborate Sessions

You may create (and access) Blackboard Collaborate sessions in one of 2 ways:

Note: If you do not have a departmental support person, you must use the UVACollab option.

Connect via the Blackboard Collaborate LTI Tool in UVACollab

Who May Use This Option

All members of the University community, including faculty, staff, and students, may create and access Blackboard Collaborate sessions via UVACollab.

Anyone at UVA can add and use the Blackboard Collaborate LTI tool to create and join Blackboard Collaborate sessions via their UVACollab sites. Currently, only those with the Owner/Instructor role in a UVACollab site will be granted moderator privileges in Blackboard Collaborate sessions created via UVACollab.

How to Add the Blackboard Collaborate LTI Tool to a UVACollab Site

  • For a new UVACollab site, add during site creation:
    1. Select the Blackboard Collaborate LTI tool from the tools selection screen.
    2. Continue with site creation.
  • For an existing UVACollab site:
    1. In your site, click Site Info > Edit Tools.
    2. Select the Blackboard Collaborate LTI tool on the tools selection screen.
    3. Click Continue, then Finish.

How to Use the UVACollab Option to Create & Join Blackboard Collaborate Sessions

  1. In you site’s left menubar, click Blackboard Collaborate LTI tool.
  2. Click Create Session.
  3. Give your session a descriptive, unique name.
  4. Enter appropriate start and end dates and times (be sure to set the correct time of day — AM or PM).
  5. Enable other options as appropriate.
  6. Click Submit to create the session.

Connect via the Blackboard Collaborate Session Administration Server (SAS)

Who May Use This Option

If you don’t have an Blackboard Collaborate departmental support person, your only option is to create and access sessions via the Blackboard Collaborate tool in UVACollab.

If you do have a departmental support contact for Blackboard Collaborate, that person has an account on the Session Administration Server (SAS), which enables creation of Blackboard Collaborate sessions on your behalf.

How to Use the SAS Option to Create & Join Blackboard Collaborate Sessions

Ask your departmental support person to set up your Blackboard Collaborate session(s) for you directly on Blackboard Collaborate’s server. You will need to decide whether you want:

  • Individual Blackboard Collaborate session(s) such as a single class or project meeting, or
  • A “virtual office,” which creates an Blackboard Collaborate session that can be accessed 24/7 over the course of a specified period of time (such as the semester or year).

After setting up your meeting(s) via SAS, you should automatically receive an email notice from Blackboard Collaborate, providing moderator and guest links for you and your participants to access your SAS-generated Blackboard Collaborate session.

Otherwise, your departmental support contact will be able to provide them for you. S/he will also be able to advise you on best practices, other support resources, and troubleshooting.

Blackboard Collaborate Training & Support Resources

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