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Blackboard Collaborate at UVA

UVACollab Blackboard Collaborate Community

Bb Collaborate Community Presence on UVACollab

The Bb Collaborate Community site in UVACollab, formerly known as the Elluminate community site, is an open site to help support the growing community of Blackboard Collaborate users at UVA. Anyone can join!

The site uses the Discussion & Private Messages discussion forums to post and reply to questions.

How to Join the Bb Collaborate Community Site on UVACollab

  1. Log into UVACollab at and authenticate with NetBadge.
  2. In the left menubar on your My Workspace tab, click Membership.
    1. At the top of the Membership screen, click on the Joinable sites link.
    2. Use the Search option to search for the keyword “Bb Collaborate”. (If you are using Internet Explorer, you must click the Search button instead of pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.)
    3. Click the Join link just under the Bb Collaborate Community site title in the Search results.
  3. A Bb Collaborate Community site tab should appear in the site tab bar or under the My Active Sites tab (you may need to refresh your browser to see the tab).
  4. Click the site tab to access the site.
  5. Click Discussion & Private Messages in the left menubar to view and post topics and responses about using Blackboard Collaborate. Tips for using the discussion tool are found in the “How this site works” forum.

  Page Updated: 2018-03-26