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SharePoint Service at UVA

Gateway to Eservices SharePoint

SharePoint Quickstart

Log into SharePoint; when the login dialog box appears, enter your UVA computing ID and password as shown:

  • User ID: eservices\userID (e.g., eservices\mst3k)
  • Password: your Eservices password
  • Note: ITS recommends using the Internet Explorer browser, version 7 or more recent, 32-bit version; other versions of IE and other Web browsers are supported with limitations in SharePoint.

What Is SharePoint?

Microsoft SharePoint is a Web-based system that facilitates collaboration by allowing you to create, manage, and build websites (MySites for individuals and departmental site collection for departments) and make them available throughout your organization. It easily integrates with Microsoft Office programs such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Outlook and InfoPath. Using SharePoint, you can:

  • control documents through detailed, extensible policy management;
  • centrally store, manage, and access documents;
  • simplify Web content management;

and more. To learn more, visit Microsoft's website.

Who Can Use SharePoint?

Access to SharePoint sites at UVA is available without charge to state-funded faculty, staff, and student employees under the Microsoft Campus Agreement. Staff at locally-funded foundations and centers may use Eservices SharePoint service provided they buy individual Client Access Licenses (CALs). CALs are available from the Microsoft Select Contract.

In order to use the SharePoint service, you must have an Eservices account with an active user ID and password. If you have questions about whether or not you have an active Eservices account, please contact the UVA Help Desk.

How Do I Obtain a Departmental SharePoint Site?

You can request a departmental SharePoint site through the UVA Help Desk. Please have the following information before initial contact:

  • name of your department
  • intended purpose for the site collection
  • the names of those who will administer your site collection
  • any additional information regarding the eventual use of advanced features such as the Business Data Catalog, Excel Services, etc. (Details on these features are available through Microsoft's help and how-to website.)

Sites are granted a default of 3 GB of storage, but more can be requested if necessary.

What Support Is Provided by ITS?

The UVA Help Desk provides assistance with login, site creation, browser configuration, and other basic issues. ITS Infrastructure Support and ITS Virtualization and Microsoft Services (VAMS) work together with the Help Desk on more complex issues.

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