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ITS Project: Requesting ITS Services

Using the Service Portal

Before You Start

To make a request in the Service Portal, you will need to have the following:

  • Eservices account and credentials. If you don't have an Eservices account, please contact your LSP.
  • a departmental PTAO (Project/Task/Award/Organization) for all requests that have associated fees.

What You Can Request

Currently, here's what you can request through the Service Portal:

  • Accounts
    • Accounts: Email and Calendar for Employees (Exchange)
    • Accounts: Contractor/Non-UVA Employee
    • Lost Passwords/Changing Passwords
    • Users (without an LSP) can create, modify, or delete
      • An Exchange resource calendar (allows scheduling of vehicles, rooms, equipment, etc.)
      • An Exchange shared calendar
  • Phone
    • Phone: Add New
    • Phone: Relocate
    • Station Type: Change User or Voicemail
    • Analog Line: Add New
    • Analog Line: Relocate or Remove
    • Auto Attendant
    • Call Center
    • Conference Calling
    • Consultation Services
    • Long Distance FAC
    • Phone: Accessories
    • Phone: Bulk Relocations or Installations
    • Phone: Key Expansion Unit (Add or Remove)
    • Phone: Line Appearances (BLF and SCA)
    • Phone: Model Change
    • Phone: Remove
    • Phone: Special Features
    • Station Type: Change FAC Requirement
    • Toll Free Services: Activate/Deactivate
    • Voicemail Only Service
  • Connecting
    • Domain Name: Static IP Address
    • Network Jack/Outlet: Install, Activate, Deactivate
    • Consultation Services
    • Data Center Networking: Add or Change Port
    • Domain Name: Alias (CNAME Record)
    • Domain Name: Third-Level
    • Firewall: Change Request
    • Firewall: Implement New Custom-Managed Firewall
    • Joint VPN Filters
    • Network Jack/Outlet: Bulk Activations or Deactivations
    • Network Jack/Outlet: Change Network
  • Hosting
    • Amazon Web Services - Managed Services
    • Amazon Web Services - Self Managed
    • Core Site Cabling Request
    • Data Center Networking: Add or Change a Port
    • Server Hosting (Data Center): Install a server
    • Server Hosting (Data Center): Disconnect a server
    • Storage - Enterprise Storage
    • Servers - New ITS-Managed Server
    • Servers - Upgrade or maintenance
  • Professional Services
    • Access to Service Portal applications
    • Ask a question about IT Service Management (ITSM) applications or processes
    • Request a change to the on-call rotation
  • Records Management
    • Records: Inquiry and Consultation - general questions
    • Records: Patterson Pope Scan-on-Demand Service (for Patterson-Pope customers only) - Convert paper records to electronic format
    • Records: Offsite Storage Account Creation - create an account with a selected vendor to store boxes of physical records offsite
    • Records: Certificate of Records Destruction (RM3)
    • Records: University Records Management Application - Request access to URMA. Requires supervisor approval.
  • Security
    • Firewall: Change Request
    • Firewall: Implement New Custom-Managed Firewall
    • SecureUVA - Vulnerability Management
    • SecureUVA - Web Application Scanning
    • SecureUVA - Data Loss Prevention Tools
    • NetBadge Integration - Authentication for Applications (Shibboleth)
    • SSL Server Certificates - certificate to provide a secure, encrypted connection between browsers & your server
  • Software
    • Software Gateway
    • LSPs request for access to SCCM (System Center Configuration Manager) to centrally manage their users’ computers
    • Software requests for addition of software to the UVA Hive, Unified Build, or Mac Build.

What It Looks Like

Take a look at requests in the Service Portal.

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