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Qualtrics Research Suite

Service overview
Qualtrics at UVA is a 3-year pilot service (start date June 2016) that will provide survey research capabilities to faculty, staff, and students (including, but not limited to, the Academic division and the UVA Medical Center). This software package allows for robust survey composition with a multitude of question types, complex survey flow patterns, and the ability to complete authenticated surveys.

Available to
All entities under the purview of the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia, provided such entity’s charter is for or in support of the University’s mission statement.

Requirements for service
  • A primary computing ID in the form of computing
  • Ability to log in to services via NetBadge

Related options
Moderately Sensitive Data And Below:
  • McIntire School of Commerce Qualtrics Portal
  • Central UVA Qualtrics Portal

Highly Sensitive Data And Below:
  • UVA Qualtrics Highly Sensitive Data Portal

Cost Distributed Among 12 Entities During 3-Year Pilot Period; No Direct Cost to End User

How to get this service

Service home page

Help Desk: N/A
Qualtrics Support: Sunday, 5:00 PM ET-Friday, 8:00 PM ET; Saturday, 11:00 AM ET-7:00 PM ET, excluding major international holidays
Local Departmental Support, Central UVA (ITS) Support: Standard University Business Hours (8 AM to 5 PM Mon–Fri), see Not available

Support Response Targets
8-hour response time from when an email is sent to the Central (ITS) UVA Support address and within support operating hours listed above.

Service Availability
Full-time (24 x 7 x 365) • Availability percentage target: 99%

Category of Service
Software, Learning and Research

Service Owner
Departmental Computing Support

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