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Amazon Web Services (Managed & Self-Service)

Service overview
  • Web Services
    • Managed single web server for small departments and groups desiring dedicated Linux web server running Apache and current version of PHP. Hostname in the domain. Can use WordPress.
  • Managed Site Services (in Pilot)
    • Groups seeking DevOps (development operations) with highly dynamic server and database needs.
    • Ability to provision and de-provision server and database resources, either in a subdomain of, or in a subdomain delegated from the Network group. Access to support and resource management is provided via a chat platform.

Available to
  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students
  • Affliates
  • Medical Center Employees and Affiliates

Requirements for service
Annual Contract Required

Related options
Additional services may be negotiated.

Setup fees apply; hourly advanced consulting fee may be charged. Monthly rates listed on AWS (ITS-Managed Amazon Web Services).

How to get this service
i. To request a simple web server, WordPress site, or database, fill out the AWS Request Form and select "Single web server."

ii. To join the pilot and work with ITS to determine the production feature set, fill out the AWS Request Form and select "Managed site services — pilot consult."

Estimated delivery time after service request
Varies by service/request • Target for achieving delivery timeframe: Varies

Service home page

Help Desk: Full-time (24 x 7 x 365), 434-924-4357 • Referrals: Standard Business Hours (8 AM to 5 PM Mon–Fri)

Support Response Targets

Service Availability
Full-time (24 x 7 x 365) • Availability percentage target: 99%

Category of Service

Service Owner
Enterprise Storage and Computing Platforms

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