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LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)

Service overview
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) service at UVA is a directory of publicly-accessible information about UVA people, containing a subset of the available data in the UVA User Database.
Public LDAP can be used to look up registered email addresses, office phone numbers, etc. for members of the UVA community. UVA users who have elected to make all their information private do not appear in this search. Public LDAP is also used by the UVa People Search Web Interface.
Many University Web applications protected by the NetBadge service access the Private LDAP service to determine whether a user is authorized to use that application based on their status as a faculty, staff, or student.

Available to
  • Faculty (public/private)
  • Staff (public/private)
  • Students (public)

Requirements for service
Public LDAP: Various Web tools are available to view basic address/phonebook data stored in the public LDAP servers. Users wanting to view all available information require an LDAP client installed on their machines.
Private LDAP requires an authenticated bind account and access is granted by ITS management.

Common Good service included in school/major unit direct allocation.

How to get this service
Public LDAP:
  • Publicly available at
  • LDAP connection information is available online.

Private LDAP: User must submit a user request form to ITS.

Estimated delivery time after service request
Public LDAP: Available immediately; Private LDAP: 24 Standard Business Hours • Target for achieving delivery timeframe: 95-99.5%

Service home page

Help Desk: Full-time (24 x 7 x 365), 434-924-4357 • Referrals: Standard Business Hours (8 AM to 5 PM Mon–Fri)

Support Response Targets
2-hour response time from when a complete ticket is submitted to the Help Desk and within specified support operating hours listed above.

Service Availability
Full-time (24 x 7 x 365) • Availability percentage target: 99.5%

Category of Service
Accounts, Hosting, Security, Communicating

Service Owner
Virtualization and Microsoft Services (VAMS)

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