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Here is a list of ITS services related to the category of Help.

Help Desk
The UVA Help Desk serves as the central point of contact for IT support for the University community providing solutions to computing problems involving the UVA network and applications supported by ITS or problems accessing and using the Integrated System or Student Information System (SIS), by calling 4-HELP (434-924-4357). More info »
Local Support Partners (LSP) Program
The LSP Program is a partnership between ITS and computing professionals serving departments throughout the University. The LSP community offers IT professionals a peer network they can leverage for collaborative troubleshooting of issues, technology selection advice, and shared best practices in security, desktop management, and more. LSPs also have the opportunity to participate in technology pilots, issue remediation projects, and certification-directed training provided by ITS. More info »
Managed Desktop Services Tools
Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Windows Update Service (WSUS) provide centralized management to insure download/installation of Windows updates, and facilitate standardization of users' desktops and laptops to aid in support.

SCCM allows departmental Local Support Partners (LSPs) to:
  • Manage Microsoft and non-Microsoft system updates
  • Install inventory software on local computers for record-keeping
  • Create templates for standardizing Desktop Images
WSUS (Patch Management) provides:
  • critical updates pushed to computers, automatically insuring that the computer remains updated with the most recent Microsoft Security patches
  • patches tested prior to going out to users' computers
More info »
NetAdmin LSP Network Management Tools
Web-based NetAdmin System Network Management Tools for LSPs provide the ability for UVA technical professionals to change their users' wired network service to the More Secure network, enable users to access the jefferson (more secure) wireless network and manage their users' VPN tunnel modes. Also includes access to network information and troubleshooting tools. More info »
Network Consulting
ITS offers advanced network consulting and troubleshooting services to the UVA community, including access to knowledgeable network engineers with troubleshooting tools such as network equipment logs, packet capture, and network flow analysis. More info »
Report a Security Problem
Information Security responds to reports and complaints about the abuse of information resources, malware infections, and legal concerns. Complaints about unwanted or phishing emails, problems with unsolicited mailing list messages, etc., should be emailed to Security incidents are reported by completing the report form. More info »
Security Consultations
Consultations provided on all Information Security topics. Consultations may take the form of an email, telephone call, and/or meeting. More info »
Whether you need a physical server or a virtual host, Information Technology Services (ITS) has options to accommodate your needs. The Enterprise Storage and Computing Platforms group can build, maintain, and support basic hardware and operating systems (Microsoft, UNIX, Linux). We can manage your server (and everything that goes along with it) so you can devote your time to other tasks.
Contract-based services include:
  • Recommending and facilitating the purchase of hardware and operating systems
  • Hardware and Operating System support
  • Security updates
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Security settings controlled by security templates delivered through group policy (for servers in Eservices domain)
Note: The requesting department will provide any application support.
Microsoft and UNIX consulting is available by the hour for non-ITS contract servers where there is a consultant available. More info »

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